Sad and Happy

Sad:  I threw up lots of times yesterday morning.  Daddy was on a business trip, so it was a great time to do it.

Sad:  Even though I perked up afterwards, I had to cancel my playdate with Ella.  I think Mommy was even more disappointed than I was because she was looking forward to seeing Ms. Jen.

Happy:  We saw a hummingbird drinking from our fountain yesterday for the first time in awhile!

Sad:   The air is so unhealthy here (from wildfires) that I can't go outside.  This has never happened before, even when mommy was little.  Even when my grandparents were little.  Never.

Happy:  My dad came home while I was sleeping!

Happier still:  My dad and I get to snuggle right now and watch Lightning McQueen!  What could be happier than that?

And, today's quote:  "I know how to pucker my lips now!"

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The VM Family said...

Oh good, we're so glad you are feeling better, Jonathan. Yes, we missed you too.

Love, Ella