Two Projects

This spring, Mommy and I were inspired by Jamey, Jack, and their mommy.  So, I got to paint some things for Mother's Day.  (This isn't my shirt.  It's my wrong-side-out pajama shirt, for those of you who are worried.)

I painted two sets of these.  One for each Grandma.

Mommy saw these on Design Mom yesterday, and thinks this might have been a little simpler.  Maybe next year?

Here's something else we'll think about in the future, when I'm past Duplos and well into teeny-tiny Legos.  A Lego table!  Maybe my dad would make one for me.  This table is way up high above little fingers and mouths that curious babies have, and hopefully we'll have a new baby come be a part of our family before I'm too far in to teeny tiny Legos.  I like how each kind of Lego stays in its own spot.  You can read all about it on Ikea Hacker.

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