A Great Morning with Isaac

Isaac and I have been little buddies for a long time. Over three years, acutally...almost a lifetime! Click here to see a picture of us when we were babies that's super cute.  Anyway, Isaac and his mommy, Ms. Kathy, came to see us this morning.  I'm not who enjoyed it more:  me or Mommy.  Isaac is three months younger than me and loves the same things I love.  We played with toys all morning and did a fabulous job sharing.  (Can you believe it?)  Here are some pictures of our time together.

I'm sure you're not surprised to know that Ms. Kathy has a picture just like this on her camera except that it has Mommy reading Isaac's ABC book to us.  (Ms. Kathy is a teacher just like Mommy used to be.  I'm sure they both thought their conversation about our future kindergarten experiences was interesting!)  Isaac got an ABC book for his third birthday just like I did.  All around, it was a great morning!  Thanks so much for coming to see us, Isaac and Ms. Kathy!  (And watch for my next post, which will be above this one, to see how Isaac and I took turns on Chico.)

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