Catching Up

After Daddy got back from camping with Mr. Rob and Mr. Perry, they were at our house for a little while. It didn't take much work to convince Daddy and Mr. Rob to play trains with me. They even brought the trains downstairs.

When you look at these pictures, you might think the grown-up guys are enjoying the trains even more than I am.  And you might be right.
Just look at their smiling faces!

I've been going to swimming lessons every day this week.  As it turns out, I'm the only kid in the time session that Mommy chose.  Some sessions have as many as 15 kids my age, so I got a pretty good deal having the teacher to myself.  Her name is Ms. Chelsea, and she's really nice, even though she thinks I should get my face wet.  She hasn't convinced me to do it yet, but I'm getting a little more comfortable each day.

Mommy picked some squash from Daddy's garden today.  They're pretty!  We'll eat them tomorrow.  In this picture, I'm trying very hard to convince Mommy that every squash must stand up in the bowl without leaning.  Mommy is not a very good listener sometimes.

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