Carl Makes a Scrapbook

Our friends, Mr. Jeff and Ms. Michelle, went on a family vacation. Daddy told them about Powell's Books, so they gave it a try. Daddy says it is the best bookstore ever, and he used to go there for fun on his business trips before I was born. Maybe someday he'll take Mommy and me there. Anyway, Mr. Jeff and Ms. Michelle loved Powell's. And, they brought a souvenir back for me:

I don't know who was more excited, Mommy or me. This is a story about what a dog and his little girl do while their Mommy goes outside to garden. They are supposed to watch an educational video, but they pull out the mommy's scrapbooking stuff instead and make a beautiful scrapbook. It all sounds like a lot of fun, but unfortunately, I don't have a dog to scrapbook with. (After three and a half long years, I still haven't convinced my parents to get a dog.)  And my mommy doesn't tell me to watch a video while she goes outside. But it's still very fun to think about. I love my new book!

Here I am reading to book with Ms. Michelle. Thanks so much for my book!

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