A Day to Celebrate

On Saturday, my buddy Ella turned three! We dropped by her house to give her a little gift, and she shared her birthday cake with us.

Here she is working on blowing out the candles on her princess cake.

Since Ella plays grocery store a lot, she got a cash register for her birthday.  I really liked her cash register.  We worked out a little system so we could play with it together.  We seem to work out our own little systems for playing now that we are older.  And Ella was really nice to share something new with me.  Happy birthday, Ella!

After going to Ella's house, we went to Samantha's graduation party.  She's all finished with high school now.
I got to see my buddy, Miriam, and play with this boingy palm tree.  (The party  had a tropical theme.)

And Samantha helped me play with it, too.  Samantha spent most of her party holding babies and entertaining kids like me.  She's nice that way.  Congratulations, Samantha!

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