Swimming Lessons, Finished!

Have you been waiting to find out how my swimming lessons went? I'll tell you all about it! But I'll have to share some background first.
I used to live near an amazing water park. We could walk to it from our house and see my little buddies there.  I used to be really comfortable getting my face wet and even going under water.  Not so much now.  But I had a breakthrough last week.  Mommy and Daddy took me swimming for fun a couple of times, and I got more comfortable in the water.  I even blew bubbles out my nose and got the back of my head wet.  I still don't like to get my eyes wet, but I'm working on it.  And I have to work very hard to remember not to whine and fuss when I have to try something that makes me a little nervous.  Here are some pictures of me at my swimming lessons.  They're with Ms. Monique because Ms. Chelsea was not feeling well.

I'm not afraid of being in deep water...just of getting water in my eyes and nose.

Ms. Monique is in the water with me and Ms. Chelsea is on the side helping us.

On the last day of lessons, we just played.  I got to wear a life jacket and swim around blowing bubbles like Nemo.  I think I get to have more swimming lessons later this summer!  And guess what...Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne have a pool at their new house.  I think I get to swim there later this week!

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The VM Family said...

Congrats on your swimming progress, Jonathan! We liked reading about and seeing pictures of you going down the slide when you were little.