Three Reasons to Celebrate

I think I forgot to tell you about some reasons to celebrate around here.  The first one was Monday:  Jared's birthday party.  

Here I am watching the other kids play in his pool. I didn't feel like playing in the pool until a couple of hours later. Mommy made me go be with the kids, but she couldn't make me play until I was good and ready.

Jared likes vehicles and had a lot of them for me to look at.

His mom likes to make cupcakes inside ice cream cones, and I really like them that way, too.  Happy birthday, Jared!

The second reason to celebrate was that we had Natalie's birthday parties on Tuesday.  My mom had me wear some cute clothes, but I was not in the mood for posing.  So, she strapped me down to take this picture.

Natalie has a cool water table that I got to play with.  I loved the water wheel.

And, she has an amazing bubble machine.  The last time I saw one of these was at Emma Claire's first birthday party.

Here I am clowning around with Grandpa and Doreen.  Happy birthday, Natalie!

The third reason to celebrate came yesterday, and it doesn't involve cupcakes, but we're still very excited.  You can read about it on our adoption blog!

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rissaroe said...

Okay, laughed OUT LOUD when I saw the picture and read the caption about J strapped down in his cute clothes so you could snap the pic. LOVE IT.