So Much for Swimming

If you live far from here, you might not know that our air is really dirty.  There's lots of smoke in the air because all the trees and grass are too dry and it's easy for them to catch on fire, and that's what they've been doing.  Yesterday our air quality went from "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" (which includes me, since I'm a little kid) to "Unhealthy."  Yuck.  So, Aunt Corinne and Mommy have agreed that we don't need to be out swimming in the smoke.  And water.  Too bad for me, because I had already explained to Mommy that I was going to swim with my "swimmies" and float around in the water.  Maybe next time.

And, for those of you who live far from here, we should let you know that we can't count on a big, beautiful, refreshing rainstorm to come through here and clean everything up.  We don't expect any big rainstorms until the fall, so we just have to wait and hope that some wind will come through.  And we also hope that the wind is not coming from the direction of the fires.

We will try not to complain about this because we are very thankful that we are not near any fire danger, and we hope the people near fires are OK.

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