For My Grandparents

This is a post for my grandparents. The ones who live far away love the yard and I knew they'd like some pictures. But, the nearby grandparents are welcome to look, too!  Click on any picture to make it big.

Since Daddy trimmed the redwood trees, some begonias have popped up that we didn't even know we had.  They're very happy now.

And the other begonias are very happy, but the crape myrtles are not blooming quite yet.

Here's what our garden looks like.

The lobelia that you planted in front are very happy.   As you can see, the violas from more than a year ago have reseeded themselves all over the place.  We love them.

The lobelia and snapdragons have been very happy here, too.  The snapdragons are about done.

These violas and petunias and vincas are from last spring and summer.  They just keep blooming.

Here we are working on the side yard a little bit.  
We put in some lavender, star jasmine, and carpet roses.

Here's the star jasmine-one of Mommy's all-time favorites.  We'll get a trellis for it to climb when it grows a little bigger.  You can see Mr. John's Rose of Sharon peeking over the fence.  All the Rose of Sharon trees are just starting to bloom.

Here are this year's baby lemons.

And here are last year's lemons that we need to work on using.  When we're done picking and sharing them, Daddy will prune the lemon tree so that it's not so close to the ground.  We hope you enjoyed peeking into our yard!

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Gabriel and Dorothy said...

Your yard looks terrific. We can't help but drool with envy at your lemon tree...
Love, Liam and Dorothy