Today during the children's message at church, the pastor talked about what names mean. Jesus' name means "God saves." I also found that my name means "gift of God." Would you believe that my parents had never mentioned this to me? And my middle name means "beloved." So, I am "gift of God...beloved." (And I am also named after both my grandpas. And important people in the Bible.) Mommy's names mean "beloved...beloved." Daddy's names mean "God's peace...from the road crossing." So, little buddies, do you know what your names mean? Have your parents told you? Are you named after someone? I'd love to know! Maybe you could leave me a comment and tell me.


Jennie said...

Hey, Jonathan. My name means the same as you: "gift of God." Mommy and Daddy chose that name for me because they knew, just like your parents know, that I was a gift to them from God. My middle name means "will or desire" or "protection." My mommy thinks that is quite self-descriptive these days (she says my will is coming through more and more every day). Really, I got my middle name because it's Daddy's middle name.
Thanks for asking!

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. And if you do more kids' books reviews, let me know. I'll be stalking you occasionally just in case!

Gabriel and Dorothy said...

Jonathan, your name means the same thing as mine:"Gift of God." Liam's name, William Blythe, means "protector" and "merry one."
I think God leads parents to the perfect name for their children.