The Global Food Crisis: From Mommy

Hi, Jonathan's mom here.  You've probably noticed the widget on our blog for Compassion International.  It's a cause that's becoming nearer to my heart, and I've been reading their blog to learn more about the needs of people all over the world and what we, here, can do about their needs.

It's so easy for me to become numb to the pressing needs of people in other parts of the world as they can seem so far away, but the rising price of gas and food for my family are right here in front of me.  So, I think that reading about life from other perspectives helps me to remember what life is like for people who live in poverty.  I am reminded that some people in the world are living on $1 a day and eating just a meal a day.  As fuel becomes more expensive, food becomes more expensive (as we all know.)  However, if your family is already spending 80% of its dollar-a-day income on food and food costs rise, then your family simply does not eat.

Sometimes I see the images of poverty and read the stories and feel so helpless.  For my own family, I can drive less and be more frugal, but what can I do for the families on the other side of the world?  Compassion International gives me a way to help with the Global Food Crisis.  First, I can pray.  June 25 is a special day to pray for those families affected by the spikes in prices for rice, wheat, and other basic foods.  And if I choose, I can also donate to help those in need.  I hope you'll consider how you can get involved in helping children and families all over the world.

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