My first laugh!

Mommy still can't post pictures of me, but let me tell you, I just get cuter and cuter. Yesterday, I went to visit my brand-new buddy, Emma Claire, in the hospital. Mommy says Emma Claire is just perfect, but I still got people to hold me and look at me anyway! I just love kicking my hanging toys and squealing these days. Today, I had my very first laugh! Mommy and Daddy were playing with me, and Daddy made me laugh. They were sure surprised! I did it a few more times just for fun. There's new stuff to do every day!

Last night, I had a great sleep-6 1/2 hours between feedings. I woke up, and it was Easter! The Easter Bunny visited my crib and left chocolate for Mommy and three things for me: a basketball, soccer ball, and football. At least, Daddy says it was the Easter Bunny. (Does he think I didn't see him?) Daddy started teaching me how to hold a football today. I had a great day spending time with Mommy and Daddy. It's fun to pretend about the Easter Bunny, but I know Easter is really about Jesus. (Mommy has some great pictures to share, but she is having problems with the computer. She says she will try to post the pictures soon.)

Yesterday was my first trip to the zoo. I went with my buddy Sam and his parents and grandparents (and of course my mommy and daddy.) There was a lot to see and hear, but I was pretty overwhelmed by it all. I was glad to get home, except now I miss my buddy Sam! Last night, I woke up around 3:30 a.m. and just talked to myself for awhile. There's so much to say that I just can't get it all done in the daytime!

Today, I visited Daddy at his work. Here I am practicing my keyboarding skills. Daddy helped me to be tall enough to reach the keys. Posted by Hello

Today, I learned how to use my hands to reach for something while I'm on my tummy. My first task was to get the Happy Apple near my mouth. I had to taste those green leaves! Posted by Hello

This morning, Mommy let me play the piano. She forgot to tell me that you're supposed to play the notes with your hands, not your feet. I liked playing with my feet better!

Sometimes when Mommy feeds me, I fall asleep in the crook of her arm. Even though she wakes me up right away to change my diaper, it's a cozy place to sleep! Posted by Hello

Playing in my baby gym is my favorite thing these days! Posted by Hello

Tonight, I went with Mommy and Daddy to Barnes & Noble, and we had the best time! When it was time for my dinner, Mommy had to feed me in a corner of the music section because all the cozy chairs were taken. While she was feeding me, I filled my diaper. It got fuller and fuller and fuller...and by the time she was done, my diaper had overflowed up my back and through both my onesies onto my pants. Mommy and Daddy had to change me right there on the floor of the music section. Hee! I bet there aren't many other little boys who have been naked at Barnes & Noble. I was in a much better mood after it was all done, and I cooed and babbled to my heart's content. (Now Mommy and Daddy know why I was so serious all afternoon!)

Just kickin' in my crib! Posted by Hello

Tubby time was so fun today! Posted by Hello

I'm learning to use my hands. Posted by Hello

Yes! I got it! Posted by Hello

Dad is my hero. Posted by Hello

I love playing with my dad! Posted by Hello

Well, I decided that sleeping through the night was not all that great. I get too hungry to sleep for that long, and besides, I can't resist seeing Mommy and Daddy every three or four hours! After all, shouldn't they be following everyone's advice, "Sleep when the baby sleeps?" I think so!

Here I am, stranded was too much work to protest, so I just went to sleep. Posted by Hello

Today, I used my fingers on purpose! This morning, I used them to pull on my pacifier clip while Mommy was exercising. I tried to put my pacifier back in my mouth, but I couldn't get it to the right spot. This afternoon, I used my fingers to pick up the links that Mommy put in my lap while I rode with her to Wal-Mart. These fingers are fascinating! I'm still having trouble with one thing, though, as you'll see in my picture-I keep letting my arms and legs hang out of my crib. It's very embarrassing because I have to be rescued every time!

Last night, I slept through the night for the very first time. At least, that's what Mom says. She fed me at 10:30 p.m., and I didn't wake up to eat again until 5:30 a.m. Today I learned how to open my right hand so I could feel the furry animals in my baby animal book. Like I said before, life just keeps getting better and better!

I'm starting to open my fingers more instead of just using my closed fists, and every now and then, I succeed in grabbing something small. It makes Mommy and Daddy so proud! They're not very hard to please, are they?

No matter how hard I try, I can't fit both fists in my mouth. Posted by Hello

Yipeee! I'm three months old today! Posted by Hello

Mommy likes to take so many pictures that I just have to sit and be patient. Posted by Hello

Oops, I fell down my overalls. Posted by Hello

Life just keeps getting better and better! Posted by Hello

A couple of days ago, Mommy took my bumper pad out of my crib because I kept getting stranded with my face against it. (When I cry, I scoot myself around the crib by kicking...but when I get stuck, I need help!) Tonight I was crying and trying to go to sleep, but when I scooted around, I got stranded with my feet against the rungs on one side of my crib, and my head against the rungs on the other side. (Gosh, I'm getting tall...) Ouch! It hurt! I screamed so that Mommy rescued me. Whew! Posted by Hello

Here I am, all ready for a neighborhood stroller ride wearing my very favorite color: Husker Red. Posted by Hello

Tonight, Mommy took me to the ER. I was losing my dinner all over the place. Mommy called it projectile vomiting. I sure felt better after I got rid of my dinner! Now I'm sleeping peacefully, but I bet Mommy won't sleep much tonight 'cause she'll be checking on me a lot! Posted by Hello

I went to the doctor today and the doctor said I was very progressed in my ability to roll over and hold my head up for my age. He also told me I'm in the 97% percentile in length and head size while being only in the 40% of weight. I'm a long skinny guy - let's hope that holds and I get my mom's genes. Posted by Hello

Here I am with Great Grandma. She sure is fun to play with. Posted by Hello

This is the hat I wore the first day at the hospital when I was born. Now it barely fits. In fact, it's so tight it's squeezing my tongue out of my mouth. Posted by Hello

While we are praying, Jonathan appears to be looking up to God. :) Posted by Hello

All the elders came up on stage to pray for Jonathan. Posted by Hello

Jonathan's baby dedication was on Sunday at church. He wore Grandpa's baptismal gown. We estimate the gown to be 87 years old. It was a neat day of family legacy for Jonathan to be able to wear it. Posted by Hello

Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy and I got up in front of the whole church! I got to wear my great-grandpa's gown that he wore when he got baptized a long time ago. (I guess boy babies don't wear gowns anymore, huh?) Mommy and Daddy promised to bring me up to know God, and everybody prayed for me. I hope Mommy and Daddy do a good job! Posted by Hello

Mommy put my links in my hands, and I played with them all by myself! I felt like such a big boy! Posted by Hello