Happy Halloween!

Mommy gave my pumpkin a face so that it could smile and tell you "Happy Halloween!" (And I have three more teeth than that pumpkin!)

What's Mommy doing to my pumpkin?

Going to church wore me out...

Time for a good nap.

Can we do this every day?


Swinging is soooo fun! Wheeeee!

My favorite spot

Mommy and Daddy and I went to the park yesterday. Daddy took me for a ride, and we had a great time. I love the fall!

Here I am with my two favorite people in the whole world: Daddy and Mommy. I love taking trips with them.

When we go on trips, they stop at Starbucks and get treats to drink. Do you think they might let me try those treats soon?

I love, love, love dogs. Paul's grandma has a dog. Did I mention that I just love dogs?

Paul, you're in my spot...but I don't mind too much.

Meeting Paul

I got to meet my buddy Paul! He flew on an airplane, and I took a car trip with Mommy and Daddy, so we finally got together. Here we are with our mommies.

A Big Day

I have lots of things to tell you about today! The first one is that I learned how to sit myself up without pushing off of anything. I did it for the first time this morning, and by the end of the day, I was really good at it! I like being able to choose to sit or crawl wherever I want.

Today was also a baby shower for my little buddy, Katherine. (That's when a bunch of people get together and shower a baby with presents.) So, Mommy and I went over to my buddy Sam's house. I didn't see much of Sam because he and I were supposed to take naps during the shower-and in separate rooms, too. It was hard, because all those ladies were laughing so loud. What's so funny about Katherine? She doesn't do much yet.

Tonight, I used Mommy's legs to help me pull up on the couch for the very first time. (Mommy cried, of course.) I was so tall that I could reach the remote control-a dream come true! But, I had a hard time figuring out how to pull up like that again. It was so hard that I got tired and had to go to bed. Tomorrow when I get up, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it!

Who cares if I can't read by myself yet?

This is how I'm convincing Mommy and Daddy that I'm a genius. This book was Mommy's when she was a little girl, and I think she used it to convince her Mommy and Daddy that she was a genius, too.

I want to touch the baby pumpkin with this finger.

Mommy says I'm her little pumpkin. I don't really think I look like one, do you?

Here I am with Mommy looking at a brand-new baby pumpkin.

This looks like the pumpkin I have at home that Grandpa sent to me. I have to touch all of its parts.

We would both rather look at the pumpkins than pose for the camera. Emma Claire even tried to eat the hay!

Pumpkins and Punkins

Emma Claire and I took our mommies to get our pictures taken with pumpkins. Fall is pumpkin time!

A great mystery...

When Mommy holds my cup, I drink milk, but when I hold my cup, I drink air. I don't get it.

It's starting to get chilly (especially with all this drool on my shirt,) so Mommy's keeping me warm.


A faraway buddy

I have news for you...you guessed it...I have another buddy! This is a picture of my faraway buddy, Olivier. He was born yesterday, and he was 9 lbs., 2 oz., 21" long. His mommy is my mommy's friend, Michele. They have known each other since they were very little girls and didn't even know our daddies yet. I hope I get to meet Olivier someday. Welcome to the world!

(I think there's just one more buddy left to be born this month that I know about. Mommy's friend Heidi still has my friend Spike inside her tummy. Good thing he's the last one...I'm going to have my hands full teaching all these new friends about crawling and climbing.)

"Climb on Mommy" is my favorite game right now!

When they say that I'm into everything, I guess this is what they're talking about.

Mommy makes it pretty fun to get clean and dry.

There he is again!

I see this baby everywhere!

I just want to know how everything works.

Mommy and Daddy finally let me take a bath in the big tub, and I'm pretty excited about it. I've been trying to tell them I'm ready for this, but when you have parents who don't speak baby, it takes awhile for them to understand. Trying to crawl out of my baby tub finally did the trick.

Baby Ira Is Home Today

Guess what-baby Ira got to go home today for the very first time, after spending his whole life in the NICU where they take care of babies who need a lot of help getting started in the world. God is answering our prayers, and we're really excited. You can look at Ira's blog and pray for him, too. There's so much great stuff to do at home-I'm so glad that Ira is home now with his mommy and daddy and big sister.

Lowering My Mattress

If you've checked Emma Claire's blog lately, you'll see that she has inspired Mommy and Daddy. You see, Emma Claire has been pulling up in her crib. (She's pretty smart, huh?) Most of my little buddies are doing that, but I don't care much about it. Anyway, Mommy realized that one of these days, when I decide to pull up in my crib, the rail only goes up to my hips. She thought I might pull up and then decide to dive out...how did she know that?

This picture is of Daddy trying to show you how tall I am compared to my crib. I didn't like taking it, because I thought he was trying to put me to bed without a story and a song, and that's not fun at all.

After the picture, Mommy and Daddy lowered my mattress to the "big boy" level, which is the lowest level. It makes me feel little because I'm so low down in my crib now, but they say it's for big boys. Do you think they might be a little confused?

Here's Jamey!

I missed out again on seeing Jamey. Mommy still won't let me see him because my nose is still runny. So, she went over to Jamey's house to see him tonight while I slept. Here he is in my mommy's arms. Mommy is getting a lot of practice holding little babies these days! She says that Jamey is so cute, and he even opened his eyes to look at her.

Jamey has long brown hair (well, long for a boy anyway) and is 8 1bs., 12 oz., 21" long. He's wearing a football outfit just like I did when I came home. I guess that's 'cause our dads like to watch football together. Our moms like to scrapbook together, and it's a good thing they don't make us wear clothes about that!

Another buddy for me!

You might think that it would be impossible for me to have any more new buddies this month, but guess what-one more just got here! My buddy Jamey was born last night. I want to go see him today, but Mommy won't take me there with a runny nose. (Don't you think she's a little overprotective?) Jamey's blog is over to the right, and you might notice that there are no new posts on it. That's cause he and his mommy are in the hospital right now. I'll show you some pictures of him soon-maybe tomorrow.

Here is Aunt Anna, the proud mommy of Katherine. We are all proud of Aunt Anna for doing a good job growing her baby.

Here's Katherine hanging out with Mommy. I taught Mommy how to hold new babies, so she's doing a good job.

It's a Girl!

Here I am getting a good view of my newest little buddy and Sam's little sister, Katherine. She was born last night in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. She was 9 lbs., 14 oz. and 21" long-almost as big as Sam was!

I thought I might be sad that she was a girl because I wanted her to be a boy, but actually she's very cute and I'm happy that she's a girl. (Emma Claire is a girl and I like her a lot, so I'm sure I'll really like Katherine, too.) Girls need to crawl and do fun stuff just like boys do, right?


Mommy says, "Look, my son has ears!" I don't think that's very funny, Mommy.

This isn't quite as fun as I thought it would be! Maybe I want to be like a baby again and not like a grown-up man.

I'm not really sure if I should go through with this, but since the haircutter already started, I guess it's too late to protest.

My first haircut

Today was the big day! I got to go to the barbershop where all the grown-up men go to get their haircut. Here I am getting ready.

Ooooh, I have to hold my breath for this part. Posted by Picasa

LA LA LA LA LA! Posted by Picasa

I love tubby time! I like to lay myself down in the tub so that I'm covered with water. Posted by Picasa

A big day for me!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is going to be a really special day. The first, and most important reason, is that my aunt Anna is at the hospital having my newest little buddy. I really hope it's a brother for Sam, but Mommy (and Aunt Anna and Uncle Brian) think it's a girl. Soon we'll know! I'll still love my new buddy even if it's a she and not a he.

The other reason is that I might get my first haircut tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy say that my cute baby hair is growing into a mullett. I guess they don't want me to have one of those! Daddy talks about getting out the flowbee (which we don't really have) and Mommy says it's not funny. Mommy hopes that less people will mistake me for a girl if I get my hair cut, but she still doesn't really want to do it. I think she's afraid I'll turn into a little boy and stop being a baby after my hair gets cut. This is all new to me. Maybe when I get my hair cut, I'll learn what mulletts and flowbees are. I bet I'll look cuter than ever!

Here I am with Mommy and Max. I really want to give Max a good head-butt, but Mommy won't let me get close enough. All I want to do is tell Max that I love him, but Mommy just doesn't understand that. Posted by Picasa

This is my newest little buddy, Max. I want to teach him to crawl someday. Today, I want to give him the Head Butt of Love, but Mommy won't let me. Was I ever as small as Max? Posted by Picasa

Here I am with my aunt Laura. She flew on a big airplane just to see me. Well, I guess she also came to see Maximus, but I sure am glad she's here. I'm also glad she can still be my honorary aunt even though she's Max's aunt now, too. Posted by Picasa