I love being six months old!

I have decided that life is about as good as it can get. I get to do so much now that I am six months old! I can play on the floor in my bedroom and go exploring under my crib. I can sit in my big boy car seat and watch trucks drive past the car window. And today, I even got to sit up in the grocery cart like the big kids. Mommy had a special blanket for me with toys for me to look at. I'm sure the toys were great and everything, but I really didn't notice-I just couldn't stop looking around at all the people and all the things on the shelves. I was so overwhelmed, I just didn't know what to concentrate on. It comes from being such a big boy, I guess! I can't wait until the next time we go to the store.

There's all kinds of good stuff under here! Posted by Hello

I'm rolling under my crib to see what Mommy hides under there. Do you think my cute, flirty smile will keep me from getting into trouble? Posted by Hello

This is my favorite place to sleep. It's cozy down here. Posted by Hello

I'm serious about relaxing when I take a nap. Posted by Hello

Here I am squishing the fishes in the water. I want to eat them, but I can't get them out of there! Posted by Hello

Yesterday I got to try my big boy car seat. How do you like it? Posted by Hello

Sittin' Pretty

I can finally do it! At least, for a few moments. I can sit up all by myself. Mommy sits me up and I can hold myself there without falling over. She keeps her hands close so I don't crash on the floor, but it's still fun to sit up like big people do!

I knocked my baby gym over while Mommy wasn't looking. I have a feeling that this means she won't let me have baby gym priviliges tomorrow. Posted by Hello

This tastes like something new. Mom calls it "peas." Does she mean to say "please" so I'll eat it? Posted by Hello

This is Emma Claire. Remember when she was born about three months ago? Now she is getting even cuter and smiles more. Here we are, checking each other out. I like hanging out with my friend Emma Claire, except that when she cries really hard, I get scared and cry, too. Posted by Hello

Here I am at my buddy Sam's house. He had this yummy toy hanging off of his couch just for me! Posted by Hello

Usually I try to be just like Daddy, but this time he is trying to be just like me. He must know that it's fun to get your whole fist into your mouth. Posted by Hello

This is my new buddy Nate. He's four months older than me, so he knows how to do more stuff. His toes looked really yummy to me, and I tried to catch them, but I couldn't do it. Posted by Hello

There's got to be an easier way to taste this thing. Posted by Hello

Look at me! Look at me! I'm flying! Posted by Hello

If I could just get into this basket, I think I'd find some better toys. Posted by Hello

Here's a message for my grandpas and great-grandpas. They are all far away from me today. I love all of you! Happy Father's Day! Posted by Hello

Here I am with my very favorite guy: my daddy. I love him so much. Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Posted by Hello

I have a whole lot to say these days! I like to say "bababababa." It's my favorite thing to do. I say it on the changing table. I say it in the car. I say it in my booster seat. I say it a lot when I am trying to fall asleep for my nap. Who needs other words when "bababababa" says it all?

This is my big buddy, Zachariah. He's a year older than me, and he came over to visit. Even though he's big, he still got down on the floor to play with me. He's so funny! He made me laugh lots and lots. Posted by Hello

Here I am with Mommy. We are having fun taking pictures of ourselves. Mommy didn't want to post this picture because she said she was all yucky from exercising. But I told her, "Mommy, everyone's just looking at me, anyway." Posted by Hello

Today I had a fun adventure with Daddy. Early in the morning, a long time before breakfast, Daddy got me out of bed and put me in my jogging stroller. Then we went running! He goes a whole lot faster than Mommy, and we had a great time. It was so much fun that I got really drowsy and went back to sleep. I hope he takes me running again soon!

Ahhh, this is much better! Freedom to roll around wherever I want. Now I'll smile for a six-month picture! Posted by Hello

You know how Mommy is. She wants to take a bunch of pictures each time I have a month-birthday. Well, quite frankly, I wasn't in the mood to sit still today! Posted by Hello

Yipeee, I'm six months old today! Posted by Hello

Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor today for my 6-month birthday. It was pretty fun to be the center of attention the whole time! Unfortunately, the doctor didn't let me eat his stethoscope. It looked yummy. (That word even sounds yummy!) In this picture, I'm finding out that I weigh 18 lbs., 10 oz. and I'm 29 3/4" tall. That's really tall, huh? (Daddy says that's higher than the 99th percentile. Daddy likes numbers.) Maybe I'll be as tall as Daddy when I grow up...or maybe even as tall as Uncle Todd! Posted by Hello

Here I was last night, dreaming about being 6 months old the next time I woke up. Posted by Hello

Sometimes I get to hang out with my little buddies. Here are two of them, Elise and Emma Claire. I was born first, and then Elise, and then Emma Claire. Posted by Hello