Another sleeping picture! This was a great nap for me, except that I was scared when I woke up and was stuck. Posted by Hello

Even though Mommy has lots of pictures of me sleeping, she had to take more. She thinks that it's cute that I sleep with my bottom up in the air. I just think it's comfy! Posted by Hello

Daddy likes to carry me on his shoulders, and I like to ride there, too. Now I'm tall enough to see over his head, and it's a lot more fun than it used to be! Posted by Hello

Can you tell I'm having a good time? It's because I'm between Sam and my daddy, and Daddy's reading to us. Posted by Hello

Here is my buddy, Sam. He's talking to me. He's going to teach me to do everything he can do! Posted by Hello

This is something new I figured out how to do: rock on my knees and elbows. This time I'm doing it to attack my toy. Usually, I just do the rocking in my crib. Posted by Hello

Here I go again... Posted by Hello

Here I am in my new bouncer. This is better than my other one 'cause there's a tray to catch my spitup and hold my toys. Now Mommy and Daddy don't put a towel under my toes. I like to go, "boing, boing, boing!" Posted by Hello

Sometimes, all the scooting wears me out and I have to take a rest with my fingers. Posted by Hello

As you can see, I have scooted back all the way off of my baby gym. When I combine scooting and rolling, I bet I can go anywhere I want! Posted by Hello

Little Scooter

I showed Mommy that I can scoot today! Unfortunately, I am only going backwards. I want to go forwards! I can scoot both knees up under my tummy, but then they make me go farther away from the toys I want to grab. It's still exciting to move myself around even though I'm going the wrong way!

Even though I'm a great roller, I still get stuck sometimes. I decided not to call for help this time, though, and just fell asleep. Posted by Hello

Look what I did! I got my whole fist into my mouth, AND I kicked off these silly pajama bottoms!! Posted by Hello

Remember how I told you that toes are yummy? Well, my favorite one is the big one on this foot. Posted by Hello

You caught me! You can see that it takes both hands and both feet to help me play with my toys now. Posted by Hello

Toes are yummy!

Today, I made a discovery: toes are yummy! The first thing I did this morning when Mommy tried to change my diaper was put my toes in my mouth. They tasted great, even though they were covered with the feet of my pajamas. Later, they tasted even better when they were covered by my shoes. Who knew something so great for chewing was there all the time?

I needed to snuggle and cover up in my towel after my bath. It was fun, but I don't want to be naked anymore! Posted by Hello

Ahhh, bath time. Now I'm fresh and clean...a new boy. Posted by Hello

Daddy and I have so much fun playing together. Posted by Hello

This is my favorite time of day: Daddy's home! He's getting me ready for my bath, and I'm showing him my toes. Posted by Hello

I have a new book that Aunt Amanda sent me. It's about a red dog. I know that Mommy says books are good to read, but I am sitting here thinking they're even better to eat. Maybe I can get the book into my mouth. Posted by Hello

Look what I found! I have fuzzy animals on my toes, and they make sounds when I wiggle! I bet they taste good... Posted by Hello

Parker is another new friend of mine. He is so big! My mommy watched him when he was smaller than me. Who took care of me while she did that? Posted by Hello

I just love my aunt Michelle! Posted by Hello

This is my friend Mary Evelyn. Her Mommy is holding us. She doesn't have much to say, but I think she is beautiful. She has pretty hair like my aunt Amanda and uncle Todd. Posted by Hello

Here I am having a fun time with my big friend, Anabelle. She is so funny! She makes me giggle all the time. Posted by Hello

I'm rolling around a lot now, and Mommy's getting nervous. She knows I'll be into everything soon, hee, hee! At exercise class today, I rolled where I wanted to go, and when we got home, I did the same thing. The exercise ladies said that soon I'd be rolling across the room. That's my plan! Watch out, Mommy and Daddy!

I was too tired to play with my feet this time. I was so tired that part of me fell asleep outside of my crib. Posted by Hello