Good Morning, Sunshine!

Almost every morning, I let Mommy and Daddy know that I'm awake by serenading them with babbling. Eventually, they come and get me out of bed to start my day. Today, though, I didn't get around to my morning serenade. When Mommy and Daddy came into my room, here's what they found! I just wasn't done snoozing yet...

And then they woke me up by taking my picture! Whatever happened to "never wake a sleeping baby?"



My Word Cloud

Mommy found this fun toy on Ira's blog. It looks at all the words on your blog and makes a cloud of words. The most common words are big and bold. Even though I'm just learning to say the names of letters and can't read whole words by myself yet, I'm sure it's neat. Mommy says so. Here's my word cloud:

If you'd like to make a word cloud for your blog or website, click here. And, while you're thinking of Ira, you might want to visit his blog. You can see a picture of him standing up!!!


I have just one more thing to say before the day is over!

We ate a fish for dinner tonight. His name was Halibut. Grandpa and Grandma sent Halibut to us from Alaska. I'm thinking that Halibut was not very smart if he got caught for our dinner, but he was delicious, all the same. Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma, for catching Halibut and sending him to us!

Haircut #6 . . . I Think!

I got my hair cut again today. Mommy and Daddy were ready with crackers and remembered to ask the haircutter not to put the scary cape on me. And then, something wonderful happened. The haircutter shared his toys with me! I was so excited that I said, "Please," handed my cracker to him, and started playing with his toys.

The haircutter's toys were great! There was a box that opened and closed and was full of little cars, and THEN, he brought out a CAR that opened and closed! Oooohhh, it was a wonderful haircut. I didn't want anything to do with my favorite crackers.

Here is the haircutter vacuuming the hair off of me. I did such a good job that he gave me his car to keep! Thank you for the car, Mr. Haircutter!


My mommy is proud of me because I am reading by myself again. She thought I might have forgotten how to do just about anything without following her around, but no worries, Mommy.

I remember that I love to read!

(And please, no comments about my drool or whether I'm teething, OK?)


Here I am playing with the mooses on Mommy & Daddy's bed. It's a very fun treat! (By the way, I can say "Mommy" now! Before today, I could say "Daddy" but not "Mommy," just "Mama.")

Mommy asked me if I'd show my teeth for the camera, so here's what I did.

Kisses for Minnie

Hugs for Millie

Hugs for Minnie


I have a new friend named Boz the Bear. He has eyes and a nose and ears. I love Boz! He has movies that you can watch on TV and books to read, but as you probably already guessed, I am pretty much just reading the books. That's OK - Boz is great for hugs!

New Little Buddy

Yesterday after the big rain, Mommy and Daddy and I went to visit Carter Ryan, my newest little buddy. Carter's daddy and mommy are Mr. Chris and Mrs. Misty. Mr. Chris is one of daddy's good running buddies. We are so happy for their little family. Maybe when Carter gets bigger, he and I can go running with the daddies. Welcome to the world, Carter!

Rainy Day

We had a fantastic rainstorm yesterday! First the sirens sounded, and then the rain came down sideways. So much rain came down that our yard was a lake. As you might have guessed, all these exciting things happened during my afternoon nap, so I missed out on the fun. Most of the water was gone by dinnertime! If you want to make each picture big, you can click on it.

Last Day of Summer

(Or, "The Longest Blog Entry Ever")

Today was the last day of summer here-not because of the weather (which is still hot) but because today is the last day the pool will be open in our town. Half an hour before the pool's closing, Daddy decided that we should go down the slide for the last time this summer. The idea came from Emma Claire's parents. Daddy is very spontaneous. That means that he decides things at the last minute. It's something that Mommy loves about him, but she says that it's trickier to be spontaneous with a kiddo around. I don't think she's right-I got ready to go to the pool really fast!

Hi, everyone, let's swim!

We saw a lot of our friends swimming at the pool. Here we are talking to our good friends, Emma Claire and her daddy. You know, of course, that grownups always have to talk for awhile before they let kids play. Emma Claire and I don't mind.

Wahoo, we're sliding and racing with Emma Claire!

Where is Emma Claire? Oh, here she comes!

Isn't she beautiful?

Here we are taking our daddies down the slides again.


Here we are racing again...where's Emma Claire?

Oh, good, she made it!

We love sliding! (But not posing for the camera.)

Come on, Emma Claire, let's go again!

Another race...where's Emma Claire?

Here she is again. (Daddy and I have a secret method to winning the race every time, but we're not giving up the secret. We like winning too much.)

Come on, Daddy, let's go!

Here we are swimming in the big pool with the daddies. The mommies didn't get in this time because they didn't think it was worth the trouble for just half an hour. They really missed out!

Daddy and I were the last ones out of the pool except for the lifeguard. Goodbye, pool! See you next summer!

After we came home from the pool, we changed our clothes to go hear some music. Ohhhhh, how I loved the music. I loved it so much that I stayed still to listen and watch. There were lots and lots of people there, and we saw all of our friends who hadn't been at the pool and talked to them.

Here I am enjoying the music with Mommy (above) and Daddy (below.) Each time the music stopped, I said, "PLEASE!" and "More!"

Thanks for a great last day of summer, Mommy and Daddy!

Update on the Grandpas

You might be wondering how my grandpa and great grandpa are doing, so I'll give you an update. (This is my mommy's daddy and his daddy. Confusing, huh?) My great grandpa is having a bad case of gout that hurts him a lot. He is out of the regular hospital and into a rehabilitation hospital. My grandpa has adenocarcinoma (cancer) in his small intestine. The surgeon took out five feet of his small intestine, and now Grandpa is working on feeling better after the surgery. I don't understand most of this stuff-I just want everybody to be feeling good enough to play with me! Be sure to keep praying for the grandpas!

[If you wondering how Mommy's doing about fixing the teeth holes in my crib, well...I've just about given up on her. She doesn't feel sorry at all about it, and my crying doesn't seem to be helping. I'll have to figure out something else!]


I have rediscovered the spools! I'm so glad my great-great-grandma saved these. If you want to see me playing with them when I was a baby, you can click on November 2005 and then go to November 8.

I love my spools!


I am having some trouble sleeping. Maybe you can talk to my mommy about it!

For the past couple of days, each time I've woken up, I've gotten VERY upset because I discover that someone has put teeth marks in my crib. I love my crib, and I don't know why someone would bite it! It's very sad. So, I start crying for my poor crib.

Mommy has not been very sympathetic. She says that I put those teeth marks there when I was a baby, and that it's OK that they are there. It's not OK! I'm going to keep crying about this until she helps me. Last night, I kept it up for a long time until I got too sleepy to keep reminding her that my poor crib has teeth holes in it.

At least Mommy let me sleep with my monkey last night. Here's a picture of us sleeping.

Mommies and Coffee

Today, Mommy and I went over to Ava's house so that I could play with Ava and Jamey, and the mommies could have coffee. Now, if you know my mommy, you know that she doesn't like coffee, so I'm not sure why she wanted to go "have coffee" with her friends. But, I'm not going to worry about it, since she let me play with my little buddies! We had a great time! Ava and Jamey had to take naps partway through playtime, but I got to stay awake since I'm big. Thanks, "Aaah-vaaah," for having us over!

Here is Ava. Daddy calls her my girlfriend. Mommy thinks she has the cutest little mouth.

Umm, Jamey, that's for hearing, not eating...

"Hello? Jamey?"

Praying for Grandpas

Did you know that my mom has a daddy, and that he has a daddy, too? I'm talking about my grandpa and great grandpa. They are both in the same hospital right now, trying to feel better. I thought that hospitals were mostly for babies coming into the world, but they are for grownups, too. I hope you'll pray for Grandpa and Great Grandpa. Grandpa is having sugery today, and I hope it helps him play with me soon. I love you both, Grandpas!

All in a Day's Work-Again

You might remember awhile back that I posted about all the jobs I was doing at home. Well, my jobs have changed a little bit. Here's what I work on each day:

Playing peek-a-boo...

Walking on my tiptoes...

Helping Daddy take a very quick nap...

Helping Daddy take another very quick nap...

Carrying toys on my neck...

Carrying more toys on my neck...

And reminding Mommy that I am too tall for a lot of my clothes!