Filling Their Shoes

Here are Daddy's shoes, my shoes, and Mommy's shoes, where they live most of the time-by the door. Mommy and Daddy's shoes are so big. Do you think my feet will ever fill them?

I better start practicing now if I want to get the hang of this...

...and it's trickier than it looks!


I love planting potatoes with my daddy...

and hugging my mommy.

The Collection

This is a picture of the collection of toys that I'm not allowed to play with. Here's the problem. I really like driving on the walls and throwing toys on the tile floor, and Mommy and Daddy really don't like me to do that. I don't know why not! So, if I do those things, the toy that I was driving or throwing is "all gone." Oooooh, it makes me so mad that I have to cry! So far, the crying doesn't bring the toy back...but I'll keep you updated.

Party Pictures

Here I am with my buddy Emma Claire, playing in her new ball pit. I'm just making sure she's really Emma Claire, and she's making sure I'm really me.

I'm feeling crowded in here...

Time to get out!

What is this tall thing? I think I can fit my fingers through this space in it.

Off to explore!

If I look cute enough, maybe they'll forget to tell me this is not a toy.

So Much to Say!

There is so much to say right now that I don't even have time to show you the pictures. I'll try to show some to you soon, but for now I'll just tell you what's going on.

Yesterday, I got to go to Emma Claire's birthday party. I had a great time playing in her backyard. She was really smart-she didn't want to get that yucky cake frosting all over her fingers. I don't know why moms and dads try to get us all sticky on our first birthdays! At least, that's what I thought until Mommy and Daddy let me taste cake on a fork. Ohhhh, I looooove cake! Why do they cover it with frosting and make us try to use our fingers? Just feed me cake with a fork, and I'll be happy forever. Thanks for having a birthday so I could taste cake for the first time, Emma Claire!

I've discovered that Daddy's truck lives in the garage. Whenever the door from our kitchen to our garage opens, I really, really want to go out there to see his truck, and I let everyone around me know it until somebody takes me. If Daddy drives away in his truck and I don't get to watch, it makes me really upset.

I've also come up with a way to make my life much easier. I was trying to say lots of new words, and my language was getting really confusing, so I've narrowed it down to just a few, multi-purpose words that express pretty much everything:

Dih! -any object that I really like, most often trucks and construction equipment, but also fans, lights, bread, cheese, and anything else I think is interesting
Dee-dah -anything else that can't be described by "dih!" and needs two syllables, including Daddy
Bbbbbbbbbb... -the motor sound for anything that has wheels
Gollygollygolly -all-purpose, playtime word
Hubba -another all-purpose, playtime word
Mama -I can't lose that word, can I?

I don't know why grownups need so many words. These words do the trick for me!

Climbing and Daddy

I can climb anywhere I want-even up on my daddy!

Daddy teaches me all about the important things that guys need to know.

"Hubba!" I can say that funny word, too, Mommy!

By the way, I climbed in here all by myself, and I can get myself out, too! To see me sitting in my wagon when I was a baby, click here and go to August 10. I'm so big now! (But, I still have trouble keeping my slobber in my mouth. How embarrassing!)

Emma Claire Knows!

Emma Claire knows how to play with balls. I love this house of hers, but look at that ball machine-it's even better!

When you push the putton, the balls come out the top over and over. Thanks for sharing with me, Emma Claire!

Climbing Update

Well, I found something else I can climb up on: the ottoman in my room! It's just big enough for a little guy like me. I don't know how to get off of it with out falling. Come to think of it, I don't know how to sit on it without falling, either. And, you're not going to believe this, but it has disappeared...just like my yellow truck! Do you think they are somewhere...hiding together???

All By Myself

I'm pretty amazing...just look at this, and you'll believe me. In the past two days, I have learned to climb up into two chairs all by myself: the chair in the living room and the glider in my room. I'm so big! The chair in the living room is a little easier, and I can even get out of it myself. But the glider is more challenging, and I can't get out of it without hurting myself. This makes everyone sad, especially me! Now, I'm working on the couch, but it's a little too tall for me to do anything except get my knee up to the cushion. Oh, it makes me so mad! I really want to be a big guy on the couch. But, until then, you can watch me climbing on other chairs!

Look at me, I did it all by myself!


This is the life. Now I can lounge around just like grownups. But, it's only fun for a few seconds at a time, and then I want to go climb down and climb up again.


Now I am a big guy!

I'm laughing so hard! Mommy said something so funny, I can't stand it! She said the funniest word I've ever heard: "Hubba hubba hubba!" Can you believe that she said that?

Visiting Little Buddies

I had a great surprise this morning! Two of my little buddies, Jamey and Spike, came over with their mommies. Here we are together in a picture. Thanks for visiting, little buddies! I hope you'll come again, and I'll try to be a happier host next time!

Let's Make Music Together

Here is my little buddy, Emma Claire, playing a song with me. She's pretty cute, huh?

Too bad Mommy didn't warn me that Emma Claire was coming over, so once again, I'm dressed in my pajamas.

Riding in My Yellow Truck

Guess what! My yellow truck is not only for pushing. It's also for riding! Here's how it works. I climb in and sit down...

Then, Daddy takes me for a ride while I watch the wheels. The wheels are so amazing!

I love sitting in my truck!

The only bad thing is, I can't get out unless Daddy dumps me out. When I can't get out by myself, I get really frustrated. You won't believe this, but right after I learned how to climb into my truck, it disappeared. Where do you think it is? Will it come back? I miss my yellow truck!

Goodbye, Elise!

Today, something sad is happening. My buddy, Elise, is moving away. She's going to live somewhere far from here, but closer to my buddy, Graham. I'm going to miss her. I hope you'll read this message and know that I'm thinking of you, Elise!

My New Truck

Today, I went to my first garage sale. That's where you look at stuff in somebody's garage instead of going to a store. (Our garage is full of great stuff to look at. Are we going to have a garage sale?)

At the garage sale, Mommy bought me a new truck. You can see me in it in the next two pictures. It is so much fun, I can hardly stand it! Mommy rides on top of her truck and pushes it with her feet, and I ride back here in my truck behind her. I love my new truck! There's even room for another little buddy to ride here with me if I scoot to one side. The directions say that kids have to be at least be one year old to ride here, and that narrows down my options for riding buddies. Sam? Caleb? Delaney? Elise? Emma Claire is almost one, so maybe she'll take a ride with me after her birthday. I'm sure everyone will like my new truck.

The only problem is that Mommy does not know what to call it. She says that her part is a bike and my part is a bike trailer. Whatever, Mommy. It has wheels and it goes fast, so I know it's a truck. Call it what you want-just take me for a ride!

Is this great, or what?!

Let's go now!

Stroller Love

The weather has been pretty lately, so we're happier than ever that I have a jogging stroller. Thanks to Daddy's work for giving it to me!

I have lots of pictures to show you today, so you'll enjoy this if you like lots of pictures. The first ones were taken yesterday on our way to visit my great grandma.

Looks like it's working!

I think I could drive this myself if I could learn how to unlock the brakes.

Time to roam!

Yup, we locked the front door.

Oh, NO! I fell down in the grass, and I HATE touching the grass with my hands! Maybe I can reach the driveway to stand up...

Yes, I can reach it!

Whew, that was a close one.

Time to stroll!

Our nice neighbor, Miss Julie, came and took my picture with Mommy. We're about to go on a walk to visit Great Grandma.

I love to swing! My buddy, Delaney, came down to the park to play with me today, and you can see her mom's truck in the background. I see that truck every morning during breakfast when I look out the window.

Here I am swinging with Delaney. She is six months older than me, so she can do lots of great things, like slide down the slide on her tummy and use words that everyone understands. I'm going to watch and learn!

Walking Buddies

Today, I'm making an appearance on the blog of my good buddy, Jamey. He is so cute that I sometimes have to remind Mommy that I am cute, too. Jamey is so nice to share his dog with me until I convince Mommy and Daddy that I can take care of one myself. To see me on Jamey's blog today, click here.

I Can Do This!

But, I don't usually want to!

Sunday Night Adventures

We had a great time with my buddy, Sam, and his family tonight. We went for a hike and had an outdoor picnic, and then...well, look at the pictures and you'll see!

I could eat this whole banana at once, if only Daddy would let me.

OK, maybe not the whole banana.

After our nighttime picnic, we went to a store full of nothing but books. Oh, how I wanted to take all of them off of their shelves and look at them one by one! Before I had a chance to do that, I found out why we went to that store. It was because of the...


Sam is big, so he knows the names of all these trains and how to get them to work. Maybe he'll teach me, too.

What's under here?

Guy Things

Happy birthday today to my buddy, Isaac! I'm sorry I can't be there to help you play with your cake!

Mommy wasn't feeling well today because I gave her my cold. So, Daddy and I left her alone and went out to do guy things. (I don't know why she wanted to be alone, do you? I think that being around Daddy and me would make her feel better.) We went to the barber, and we went to the park, and we went to the coffee shop. Getting a haircut was terrible for me, and going to the coffee shop was okay except that I couldn't have any. But, going to the park with Daddy was great. We went on the slides, and we went on the swings, and we saw my neighbor and buddy Delaney. We all had a great time! By the way, how do you like my new haircut?


Pushing these buttons is getting easier every day!

I still love trees today...and they still make that wonderful little splatting sound when they hit the floor.