I Explained This to Mommy

Someday when I am a grownup man, I'll live in my own house, and Mommy can live with my daddy in San Francisco.  And I will have a wife and live in my own house.  Daddy can live with Mommy because Mommy is Daddy's wife.

Mommy asked if I would visit her and Daddy in San Francisco, and I told her that I need to live in my house with my wife, and I need to try that first.

So I Don't Keep Forgetting...

I should tell you about the weekend we had two weekends ago. While Daddy was doing this...

Mommy and I were staying busy, too.  It was a Saturday.  While Daddy hiked, we ran some errands with Aunt Amanda.  Then, instead of my nap, we went to my friend Emma's 3rd birthday party.  I don't think I had ever gotten to skip a nap for a party before, but we decided to give it a try to see how it went.  It went great!

Emma had a My Little Pony party.  When we got there, she had a bouncy house in her yard!  And since there were no big kids in there, I had a great time jumping.  Later, much to my surprise, a real pony came to the party!  While the other kids played, I watched the pony get out of its trailer and come to see us kids.  I was so excited to see that pony.  Even though most of the party guests were three and under, we waited in line so patiently for our turn, and I got to ride the pony twice.  (Since Daddy hiked with the camera, we'll just use our imaginations to picture it.)  I loved it.  The ride around the yard was kind of bouncy!

Emma also had a pony-shaped pinata at her party.  All the kids got to take a whack at it, and I showed everyone how left-handed I really am.  When the pinata broke open and candy went everywhere, I went over to the pile of candy (and the pile of kids) and chose one brown, rectangle candy.  "How about this one," I told Mommy.  "That's a good one, but it's OK if you go get more, Jonathan!"  Mommy told me.  So, I went to choose three more.  Mommy and I shared one delicious brown candy and saved the rest for later.

I sure had a fun time at Emma's party.  On the way home from the party, we stopped at an old car show and got to sit on the sidewalk and watch lots of old cars drive away for a cruise.  I sure do love old cars!

You might think that this is the end of the post, but there's more!  On Sunday, Daddy was back, and after church, we went to baby Emily's first birthday party.  She had a ladybug party, and I sure do love ladybugs.  We got to make ladybug visors with antennae (although a certain relative of mine called them antlers, and I still call them ears.)  There were ladybug things everywhere:  cookies, balloons, red tablecloths with black plates, and even the birthday girl and her cousin, Natalie, were wearing ladybug outfits.  Emily had a water table in her backyard and I spent most of the party playing there.

Emily threw a really wonderful party and sent me home with ladybug party favors and balloons.  She got some great gifts that she'll enjoy for a long time, even a ladybug sandbox.

Thank you to all my little friends for including me in your birthday parties and helping me to have a fun, sweet weekend!

Morning with Baby Andrew

Baby Andrew got to visit this morning without his mom and dad.  I was a good sharer and let him play in my room with my vehicles.

I even took turns.

We put my old doorway gate in front of my bedroom door and brought some toys in there to play with.  Mommy and I thought that would be easier than worrying about our ungated stairs and other things Andrew wasn't used to.
Andrew was a very happy guy and we had a lot of fun playing with him...

Even though he invaded my personal space sometimes.  Mommy says he was showing me love.

After he took a nap and went home, I asked Mommy if we could keep Andrew.  Of course we couldn't, but Mommy reminded me how happy she and Daddy are that they get to keep me as their boy all the time!  I'm glad I get to stay here and don't have to go home somewhere else.

One More Thing

I convinced Mommy to take a video of me playing so that I could see it.  We'll let you see it, too.

A Fun Day!

This week has been filled with a lot of running around, and although it's been fun, I was very excited to mostly stay home today.

I decided to give Mickey a ride in my baby swing.  Mommy thinks that getting the baby gear out now will help it to be less interesting to me when our baby is using it.  Whatever her reason, it's pretty fun stuff!

I also got to paint some pictures while keeping my Trader Joe's balloon on.  Mommy worries about my fine motor skills sometimes.  I don't like to write yet, but I do like to paint.  And I figured out how to buckle my own sandals yesterday, so I think I'm doing fine.

We did go one place today:  to Grandpa's office to get adjusted and talk about old cars.  I sure do like talking cars with Grandpa.  After we got home, we got out my tent, tunnel, and clubhouse.  It was a huge treat to have them all out at the same time.  Do you remember when I got them?

Moving Past "I Don't Know:" From Mommy

Hi to all-here's a little note from me!  Jonathan and I have been back to BSF for two or three weeks now, and Jeff is going to the men's Bible study this year, too.  Jonathan is excited to be in the "big kids class" both at BSF and at MOPS.  Last year I took him to these kid activities (and a few others) because we knew he needed all that time with other kids (and I needed the time with adults, too.)  This year, I still take him because he needs the time with other kids, but he really seems to be loving the interaction, which I'm so happy about.  There's a big difference between being two and being three!

Another big change this year is how much he can tell me about what went on or the stories he heard when we were apart.  Last year, I had to ask him the simplest questions to learn just about anything about his time.  If I asked him about the Bible story, the most detail I'd hear from him was that it was about John the Baptist or baby Jesus.  (And he answered "John the Baptist" almost every week, although I'm certain they didn't talk about John the Baptist every week.)  If I asked him about just about anything, especially about who was there, he'd answer, "I don't know."  But, After MOPS this week, he told me the story of Joseph's brothers throwing Joseph into a well but that Joseph shared food with his brothers in Egypt.  And after BSF, he told me about baby Moses' mommy putting Moses into a basket in the river, and that the princess took Moses out of the water so that he could live in Pharaoh's palace and the princess would be his new mommy  (and there were several other sweet details he included, too.)  He's been telling me more about the things the kids do and who the kids are, too.

It's really fun to see a little deeper into Jonathan's world.  I really thought he'd be 12 or 13 before the typical answer to every question would be "I don't know," so I'm happy we've left that answer behind for awhile!

At Ms. Jetta's

We got to visit Ms. Jetta yesterday! Ella and Delia came, too, and we got to play with Annelies, Helia, Cora, and Peter. The older girls are in school.

Ms. Jetta is putting a swimming pool in her yard, and I got to go down in it!

Here are all the kids on the trampoline.

It's nice being big.  I don't like getting bounced by big kids, but I don't mind being a bouncer.

We didn't know it, but it was Ms. Jen's birthday!  And she brought treats for all of us!  We had a great morning with our friends.

What to do with Rubber Bands

Conversation During a Hug

J:  What's that?

M:  That's a collarbone.  It's called a clavicle.  Here, I'll show you yours.

J:  Clavicle!  It helps us to hug.

Rediscovering Little People

My mom had wondered if it might be time to put away my Little People and save them for the baby, but it's not time yet!  I have a newfound love for playing with my ark and my farm this week.  And, I've been having a lot of fun!

My ark floated around our "ocean" of carpet this morning, too.  It's fun to be big and think of new ways to play with the toys I already have!

Maybe Someday...

"Maybe someday we will have rain at our house."

(Those of you who have experienced our climate know what an accurate word someday is!)


Yesterday, Mommy and I found these great overalls at Once Upon a Child.  You might know that it's really hard to find good used clothes for big boys, so we were happy to find these.  And they're size 5T.  I am getting so big!


"I had some empty parking places, and Great Grandma gave me some more cars so I don't have any more issues."

(Mommy's note:  Hope you don't mind all the quotes lately...we've been so tickled at the things Jonathan's been coming up with.  Maybe you have, too.  :)  )


"When I'm a grownup, maybe I can ride in the front seat of your car with you, if you want.  And Daddy can ride in the back seat next to my booster seat."


"Renember last week when Daddy and I drived Toto to the mechanic, they turned the front wheels on the rollers and gived it back to us and Daddy and I took Toto to get washed at the little car wash."

Winding Down

Yellow-Bellied Birds

This post is especially for my faraway grandparents because they like to know what's going on in the yard.  We see hummingbirds several times a day.  They like our redwoods and they love to drink from our fountains.  Yesterday, though, Mommy saw these birds through the window and had to take a quick picture.

Not a great picture since it was through the window, but you can see that these little birds have yellow bellies.  As soon as Mommy took the pictures, the birds flew away.  We hope they come back!

Another Quote

"Last night when you, me, and my daddy went to Miriam's house, I think I got Miriam's cup of hot chocolate."

(Mommy's note:  This happened last spring-Jonathan's first taste of hot chocolate.  We haven't seen Miriam and her family since June, and they now live in Zimbabwe.  Apparently Jonathan has developed a long memory with chocolate as a theme!  Yesterday's quote was a memory from the very beginning of July.)

Today's Quote

"You know, sometimes that man at Sam's and Katherine's church gives kids candy Kisses."

Questions I've been asking

Is the sky flat?

Is that artificial?

How does the baby get out?

How are you feeling?

Is that maternity clothes?

(About a "juicy" dog bone in a book)
Is that a orange juice-y bone?

Can we take a ride on a cloud sometime?

Do babies know how to yawn?

A Good Morning with a Good Buddy

My good buddy, Ella, came over to play today. She brought Ms. Jen and Delia, too. She's in preschool now, so we have to plan our playtime carefully. We haven't had our friends over in awhile, and that's because Mommy says the second half of the summer passed by in a blur.  I'm glad the blur is over!  Some of our faraway friends are experiencing fall. Our days are getting shorter, but it will be awhile before we have fall-ish weather. That's okay...more time to play outside with Ella!

We also spent our time outside in the sandbox and riding my tricycle and driving my car.

Bet you didn't know that Chico could fit two riders.

Ella and Delia like to dress up.  All my dress-up options fit easily in my backpack, but we found enough headwear to share.

I practiced sharing with Delia even though I wanted this necklace for myself.  Delia is running around now and practicing talking.

Ella and I had a couple of classic quotes that amused the mommies.  Mine was that I requested some time alone.  "May I please be alone," I told Mommy.  And I asked that everyone leave the room.  After Mommy got her point across that I'd have to go to my room to be alone but to remember this was a special time with our friends, Ella followed me and said, "I want to be alone with you!"  I guess it's already obvious which of us is the introvert and which is the extravert.

Anyway, we were happy to have a fun visit from our friends.  Let's do it again soon!

It's Important...

to do some racing before Sunday school.

Maybe Next Time

Jonathan:  What are you drinking?

Mommy:  A pumpkin spice frappuccino.

J:  Is it healthy?

M:  No, maybe next time I should choose something healthier.

J:  Maybe water.

It's Good to Be Three


Here I am before Mommy and I took a walk this morning (and before my much-needed haircut.)  We barely needed jackets, so we were excited for the chance to wear them...but we didn't need them by the time our walk was over.  If anyone from Daddy's old job still reads this blog, you should know that this is the jogging stroller you gave me at the baby shower before I was born.  We have put a lot of miles on this stroller!  And I'm sure we'll continue.  Thank you!


Now that I'm big, I don't hit as many milestones as I did as a baby, but this one is worth mentioning.

Mommy and I have both been overdue for haircuts for awhile.  Today, we went to visit Ms. Olivia to take care of that problem.  And we visited her alone.  First, Mommy got her hair cut.  While Ms. Olivia took care of Mommy, I sat in the next chair and ate crackers, looked at books, and-best of all-drove Ms. Olivia's toy Hummer.  I didn't cause any trouble.  Next was my turn.  I tolerated my haircut very well, as usual, and Mommy is happy to see my face again.  (My hair had gotten really long!)  Mommy was thrilled to learn that we can do this haircutting chore without having to ask anyone for help.  I'm big now, and I can sit still by myself.

After our haircuts, we went to a grocery store to pick out some soup and a sandwich to share for some special Mommy Jonathan time.  It's good to be big!

Our weekend

It's a little late, and we don't have any pictures to share, but our weekend was so full of fun things, I want to tell you about it!

On Friday night, we had some of our family over for dinner.  We always tell lots of stories and laugh a lot.  

Then on Saturday, Daddy and I ran errands while Mommy visited Great Grandma at her antiques sale and then had breakfast with her longtime friend, Ms. Sarah.  I know Ms. Sarah and Mommy missed having all the little boys around, but they seemed to survive pretty well!  After our separate mornings, we got into the car as a family and drove to the City.  Mommy and Daddy were planning to visit our friends, Ms. Paola and Mr. Charlie, and I was planning to play with our friends, Sophia and Antonia.  Even though Sophia was once so tiny that Mommy got to hold her on the day she was born, she's starting kindergarten this year.  We spent some time as families, and then the grownups left for the Giants game while we kids played, had dinner, took a bath, and went to bed.  We had a fun time!  (And we did have a babysitter that we loved.)   The grownups say that they had a fun time, too.  They celebrated Mr. Charlie's birthday at the game in a box (which I hear is not a real box, but a special room) and watched the Giants win.  

After we all shared breakfast together the next morning, we took the long drive back home for church.  We got to spend time with more family at church and then at lunch.  After a nap, we went to church again for a fall potluck.  Potlucks are mostly exciting to grownups but not kids.  This time, though, our church had two bouncy houses and a long, long ramp for racing lots of Hot Wheels.  I'm sure you can guess where I spent most of my time.  And even though it was called a fall potluck, the kids were mostly outside and barefoot, eating snowcones in the warm, summery weather.

All around, it was a great weekend.  Maybe next time we have a great weekend we'll take pictures!


For some reason, we can't get Joseph to stand up straight, but we hope you get the idea anyway.

It's MOPS season again!  I get to be in the class with the big kids (3-5 year olds) this year, and I'm very excited about that.  (Mommy told me about the big kid class this morning, and I said, "That's because I'm a big kid, I know!)  All my kid activities are starting up after summer break:  Moms Time Out, MOPS, and BSF.  I am enjoying them this year even more than last year.  Mommy  is excited to be with all the ladies, too.  Big thanks to my teachers who take such good care of me and teach me new things while I'm away from Mommy and Daddy!

A Quote from Yesterday

(Immediately after my nap)

"Should we read a book.  Let's go to the playroom and read old books.  Old, rusty books!"

Only with Daddy

Add this activity to the list of things I can only do with Daddy.

Evening Antics

Baby Update

This morning, I went to Ella's house to play while Mommy went to the doctor's office.  I think I had more fun than Mommy did, but she still seemed happy.  The doctor (actually the midwife) listened to the baby's heart and thought that the slow (but healthy) heartbeat meant that the baby is a boy.  Mommy and Daddy aren't going to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl, so anybody can guess about it as much as they want.  Everything seems to be fine, and Mommy found out she might be feeling kicks and flips in a couple of weeks or so.  Pretty neat!  Mommy will have another appointment in four weeks and then an ultrasound two weeks after that.  We're so thankful for a good report today!  And I'm really thankful for a fun time at Ella's house.

A New Member of the Family

No, it's not what you think. Despite my best efforts during my baby and toddler stages, we are not getting a dog.  But, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jamie are going to adopt this one in a few weeks!  His name is Cecil.  Isn't he cute?  He's a basset hound.

(And by the way, I'm feeling good again today!  Thanks for thinking of me!)

A Day of Sleep

You might not know this about me, but when I'm sick, I like to sleep.  And today, I'm sleeping a LOT.  I slept really late, and I'm taking a long nap, too.  My parents aren't sure how this happened-that I sleep when I'm sick-but they're thankful.  Anyway, I have a yucky cold and a little fever, too.  I'm hoping to sleep it off soon.

Lions and Tigers and Jonathan!

Last night, our neighbors gave me a lion costume to wear for Halloween.  Wasn't that so nice of them?  It's too small, but I love it!  (The paws are supposed to cover my feet.)  I had fun being a lion, but I think we'll have to save this one for my younger brother or sister.

Since I tried on the lion costume, I had to take some time to be a tiger, too.  My tiger costume from two years ago is so tight that I can't get the tiger head on, but I had a lot of fun walking on my tiger paws!

Yep, a little too short...

But awfully snuggly!

In My World...

A carabiner is called a "carrot beaner."

I noticed that an ostrich is a "bendy-necked bird!"  And that giraffes and ostriches have the same kind of necks.

And I told Mommy that we can be kitties when we're all done being mosquito eaters.

Already a Great Day

Even though  it's Season, Daddy only had to go into work for a little while today.  We're having unseasonably beautiful weather, so we decided to take a bike ride.  Mommy said that in a couple years, our baby can ride in the bike trailer with me.  But actually, I hope I'll be riding my own bike by then, since I'll be five.  Anyway, we rode our bikes to Starbucks, and then out in the country to see some animals, and then to the park.  We're glad we live in a little town so that we can do all those things on one short bike ride.

Now we're home and playing at the Inchionational Park.  And going to the neighbors' house, since we threw our ball into their yard.  Oops.