Moo and Roar!

I love my cow and my lion! The cow says "moo," and I can't remember what the lion says. I'll have to ask about that.

Hugs for everyone!

And comfort for me.


Like Father, Like Son

Daddy and I are both sick. I'm not sure how Daddy caught my cold, because Mommy got all the sneezing in the face from me, but he did! We think that Mommy will probably get sick next. Daddy is sneezing as much as possible so that we can share our cold with Mommy. Mommy says that if I have a runny nose tomorrow, I don't get to go to church to see Ms. Cheryl and play with the kids. Sad!

Daddy likes to lay around when he is sick, but I don't. I just like to climb up and down and up and down. As you can see, I'm sucking the fingers on my right hand and feeling my neck with my left hand to help myself cope with how I feel.

Even though Daddy and I feel yucky, we still manage to make each other smile!

News and Nose

First, the news. I have a new favorite snack: oranges! I just can't gobble them up fast enough. Even with my fourth molar just breaking through for a total of 12 teeth, I can't seem to get those oranges down as quickly as I want to.

I also have a new hobby: trying to put on big shoes. I haven't succeeded yet, so it usually just makes me mad, but that doesn't stop me from trying!

Now, the nose part. I woke up with a runny nose, and I feel yucky. Mommy has been following me around wiping my nose. I want her to know how I feel, so I've been sneezing in her face as much as possible today. You might think that sounds yucky-Mommy does-but I just want a little compassion!

Back in town!

In case I forgot to tell you, Mommy and I are really happy that Daddy is back here with us and not in New York anymore. Life is much better when we're all together. And in case you wondered, Daddy loves our new living room, and he did know about Mommy's plan to paint it before he left. So, everybody's happy!

Daddy also came back with souvenirs for me...

He brought me this great shirt with a taxi on it. I love my taxi shirt! I love it so much that I got to wear it after my bath and all night long!

Here's the back of my taxi shirt. It tells how much it costs to ride in a taxi.

He also brought me this taxi to play with. I can almost say the word "taxi" myself! The best I can do right now is "kiki," but I'll keep working on it.

I'm really glad my dad is back!

More Reminiscing

When I told you how Aunt Anna and Mommy reminisce on Sam's birthday each year, I wasn't kidding! Mommy decided to look at my blog entry from Sam's birthday last year, and she found this picture. As you can see, Sam was wearing the outfit that he let me wear this year. Do you think I'll catch up with him someday? I'm working on it!

Mini Makeover

The living room is finished, so now Mommy can concentrate on me again. And Daddy is on his way home from New York City, so we are getting really excited. Do you think he'll like our new room? (By the way, Mommy says that the walls are not this bright in real life, but the picture makes them look really bright. I'm not so sure she's right!)

Happy Birthday, Sam!

My buddy, Sam, just turned three. Mommy and Daddy and I can hardly believe it! Every year on Sam's birthday, Mommy and Aunt Anna reminisce about what they were doing each year in the past on Sam's birthday. That means they think back about what they remember. By the time Sam is ten, all that reminiscing is going to take up the whole birthday party!

Here I am with Sam climbing up and down on the couch. I am wearing his Chicago Cubs uniform because I...well, I'm not going to tell you what happened to my clothes that I was wearing before this. Thanks, Sam, for sharing your clothes!

What's this? A baby doll? We don't have one of these at our house. This one belongs to baby Katherine. What do you do with it?

Shake, shake, shake!

Fun Times!

We are having trouble with our pictures, so since I can't show you what I've been doing, I'll tell you!

Last night, I got to meet my little buddy Meredith for the very first time. (You can learn about her on her blog.) I only got to meet her for a minute, though, because it was way past my bedtime, and Mommy gets cranky when it's after my bedtime. Sorry I couldn't play for longer, Meredith!

This morning, Maximus and I took our moms to some garage sales to look for things for us. We wanted toys, and they bought clothes. Silly mommies! We had fun anyway. After that, I got to go to a birthday party with some big kids! My friends, Victoria and Christine, invited me to their party, and I got to run around the park with lots of older kids. I loved it, even though Mommy made me wear my sun hat the whole time. And tonight, Mommy and I ran around outside before bedtime. I got really dirty. All in all, it was a great day!

Somthing else is going on here that Mommy thinks I don't know about. She is painting the living room while I'm sleeping. Our friends, Mr. Gabe and Ms. Dorothy, came over tonight to help. I heard them playing with my toys, too!

Tomorrow after church, I'm going to see my buddy, Sam. I can hardly wait. If you want to see some amazing pictures of him with baby Katherine, you can click here. Maximus' mom took the pictures. Mommy says that Maximus' mom is very talented!

Weekend Update

As you can see, our internet is working again! Mr Tony, the Internet Man, came and fixed it for us today. Boy, is Mommy happy! Since it's working, I can show you some pictures of my weekend with Grandma. Have fun looking at them!

One, two, THREE!

Piano lessons...

Reading my truck book... (anyone who visits me has to read my truck book!)

"More" oatmeal, Grandma...

Where did I go?

Thank you for visiting, Grandma! Come again soon!

The Bruise

As promised, here are the pictures of my brilliant chair idea and the resulting bruise. It's not a great picture of me, but it's the closest I'd let Mommy get to taking a picture of the right side of my forehead. I bet my bruise will look even better tomorrow! We'll see whether it looks better than the black eye that I got at the beginning of December. But let's not remind Mommy how I got the black eye. She's a little sensitive.

I'm Back!

If you've been checking my blog lately, there has not been much to see! That's partly because we have been so busy and partly because our internet has not been working. As you can imagine, that has made Mommy cranky. If it keeps working long enough to post this message, I have some news for you! (No pictures though, because the internet is not working well enough for pictures.)

I have been busy learning new things! Today, I pulled a kitchen chair over to my booster seat and used it to try to climb into my booster seat. After I got into the chair but before I got into the booster seat, I fell down onto the kitchen floor. Now I have a big purple bruise on my forehead. It matches my skinned knees that I got in the parking lot when I was visiting my great grandma.

Some other things happened today: I got tooth #11, and I learned to sign "eat." Mommy and Daddy are teaching me some new signs in addition to "more" and "all done." I can also sign "please."

I am learning my animal sounds, too. If you ask me what they say, I can tell you the sounds of a horse, cow, and sheep (and of course trucks and tractors.)

I'll try to show you some more pictures as soon as the internet is working and Mommy is not so cranky. My grandma visited this weekend, and I'll show you what we did!

A Place Called Canada

We have had some chilly mornings lately, so I have been able to wear my new sweatshirt from Mommy's longtime friend, Michele. (She's Olivier's mom.) Mommy thought for sure I'd be three years old before I wore something this big, but as you can see, she didn't estimate very well. I love my red sweatshirt! It's from a place called Canada, where Michele grew up. Do you think my mom and dad will take me there someday?

Seventeen Months and Sam

I am seventeen months old today! I am almost 1 1/2. Yahoo! I still have just ten teeth, but I can climb up onto the couch all by myself now. To celebrate my month-birthday, I thought I'd show you some pictures of something else that's seventeen months old: my friendship with my big buddy, Sam.

Here we are wearing our matching outfits . (Our moms are so silly.) In some of these pictures, I look as big as him, but Mommy says that's because of perspective. She means that I was close to the camera, and Sam was far, so that made me look big. Anyway, I am not as big as Sam, but I love playing at his house!

Sam has trains!

Sam lets me play with his trains. Sometimes his mom helps him remember to share with me.

Sam even knows how to build train tracks!

The "conk" means, "I love you, Sam!"

Friends and Family

Since I haven't been on the blog for awhile, you probably know that we've been very busy with our special visitors. Here are some pictures and an update on all the fun we've been having!

They finally made it! This is my great grandma, my great grandpa Don, and of course me with Mommy and Daddy. We were so happy that they came to visit us.

Here is my great grandma watching me get dressed. Did you know that there are three people in the world named great grandma? I'm glad there are so many of them.

Here is the big truck that I was telling you about. It lived in our driveway, so I got a good look at it!

Here are the family and friends who were at our house for dinner on Monday night. They all wanted to sit together at our little table. As you can see, it was very cozy!

After I went to bed, Sam and Uncle Brian played in my crawl tube. Lots of good stuff happens after I go to bed!

I had some great bench time with my aunt Laura.

I got my uncle Jake to read my truck book to me!

Here I am giving Aunt Anna a "conk," formerly known as the Head Butt of Love.

Here's Mommy with some of her dear friends: Cherissa, Anna, and Laura. They took a big road trip with another dear friend, Sarah, while I was still inside Mommy, and Katherine and Maximus were not around yet. Mommy's friends don't all get to see each other very often and have to make up on all the talking they've missed each time they see each other. Sam, Katherine, Maximus, and I made sure that they didn't spend all their time talking to each other but spent some time paying attention to us, too.

Excitement at Our House!

There is a lot going on at our house these days! It's keeping Mommy and Daddy hopping! The first thing is that Uncle Jake and Aunt Laura are in town. They are really Maximus' aunt and uncle, but I think that they were mine first. They might stay with us soon, and that would make me happy.

The second thing is that some of Mommy's college friends and their little girl stayed with us on Friday night. Kailyn is my new buddy. She is two months younger than me, but she's about my size. I bet her mom and dad are so proud of her for doing a good job growing!

The third thing is that my buddy, Sam, and his sister and mom and dad came over to join all of us for dinner. Then we all went to Maximus' house to see lots of friends!

Okay, here's the last thing, and it's exciting, too: My great-grandma and great-grandpa Don are coming to visit tomorrow. They are going to drive a huge truck called an RV. I can hardly wait! Here are some pictures of the excitement so far.

Here's my new buddy, Kailyn, with her mommy and daddy. Their names are Kristin and Nolan. Ms. Kristin lived in the same room with Aunt Anna during college before there were any daddies or babies. Sounds boring to me!

Here I am with Kailyn. You might notice that I am letting her sit in my chair, play with my blocks, and hold my ball, all at the same time. I am a good sharer, and I am trying to convince Mommy not to make me take those sharing lessons she's been talking about.

Here I am again with Kailyn. I am letting her hold my special white bear. Notice all this sharing, Mommy?

Here are Kailyn and Katherine meeting each other for the first time. Kailyn likes eyes just like I do! Kailyn is going to have a new baby sister in July.

Here is a picture of Maximus' mommy and Aunt Laura with Katherine. This was Katherine's first time to meet Aunt Laura!

Here I am with my aunt Anna. She knows just how to keep a little guy happy-probably because she is the mom for my buddy, Sam.

Here I am with my aunt Laura. She knows just how to keep a little guy happy, too-maybe because she has me.

Even with all the excitement, I still managed to fit in some bonding time with a blanket.

Any Blanket Will Do

I couldn't find my train blanket today, but when I climbed into my rocker, there were two blankets hanging there! I pulled them both onto my lap and settled in for a little snuggling. Then I carried them out into the rest of the house. One blanket for each hand is not a bad deal...even if the blankets don't have trains on them.


I have fallen in love with my train blanket. It used to hang on the back of the rocker in my room, but now, each time I see it, I have to take it around the house with me. Since it travels a lot now, it ends up in some strange places, and I think Mommy and Daddy try to hide it from me. But, I usually find it, and then I giggle and get excited because I have found my beloved train blanket.

Mommy and Daddy say that if they encouraged me at all, I'd become attached to this blanket as my transitional object, and soon I'd be like Linus. Does anyone know what that means?

More OKC Pictures

Here we are after Daddy ran the half-marathon in Oklahoma City. I'm not sure why he only ran halfway, because he usually runs the whole marathon. But, Mommy says that we are really proud of him and that he's getting really fast. Mommy took this picture of Daddy and me together. Daddy even let me wear his big yellow necklace that he got for running the race.

After the race, we walked over to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. It was beautiful, but it made Mommy and Daddy very quiet and sad. Something terrible happened there that I don't understand. Maybe they'll explain it to me when I am big.

Here is Daddy taking a rest. Running made him really tired.

Lou gave me a real dog, and I love him so much! I give him hugs all the time, and now he even lives in my room. I know that this dog is real because he barks!

Lionel let Daddy and me drive his tractor. We drove and drove and drove...maybe my dad will get me one of these when I turn two.

Here we are: Daddy, me, Mommy, Lou, and Lionel. Thanks for letting me run around and make myself at home!