A Big Day

I had a great day today! I got to see Sam and his family, and we played on Sam's Slip 'N Slide! Mommy and Daddy were proud of me for getting all dirty and not being upset about it. (Doesn't that seem a little backwards to you?) After my nap, I had dinner with Emma Claire at our favorite Mexican restaurant. She is much more comfortable with messiness than I am.

And then, I went to Ava's first birthday party. I love to say her name: Aaah-vaaah.

Lots of my little buddies were there, and we did the Hokey Pokey, made frog necklaces, and had a pinata. Here I am wearing my new frog necklace.

Happy birthday, Aaah-vaah!

No Captions Needed

Okay, maybe I need one caption: HELP!


Today, Mommy and I visited Sam and his family. And guess what! They went on a trip, too, and brought back something special just for me. Here it is-a bunch of ladybugs to hold pictures of my friends! Unfortunately, most of my friends' pictures are stuck in scrapbooks, but here are a few that Mommy hadn't captured yet. If you are my friend but don't see your picture, I'll try to get Mommy to put one up there soon. Thanks for my ladybugs, Aunt Anna!

I also got a letter in the mail from Grandma's friend, Ruth. (I can even say her name, like this: ROO!) Ms. Ruth is my honorary great-grandma. Do you see the cat on my letter? I love reading mail! Thanks, Ms. Ruth!

Traveling Adventures: Last Installment!

I went out to dinner with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa, and the nice waitress gave me a big cup full of crayons.

I think that the crayon game might possibly be the most fascinating thing to do at the dinner table. In fact, I made the crayons go in and out of the cup almost the whole time I sat here. Grandpa tried to show me how to color, but this was much more interesting.

Did you know that this kind of flower roars when Mommy opens its mouth? It does!

There are always more flowers to see!

We spent a lot of time looking at books. Here we are at a bookstore looking at an amazing truck book. I love bookstores just like Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy and Daddy and I had lots of great family bonding time.

We saw real deer in the woods right outside of our window!

I got to take a bath in the tub in our cabin.

All of my adventures wore me out so much that I took a rare car-seat snooze!

Traveling Adventures: Without Mommy & Daddy

While we were on our trip, Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary. That seems like an awfully long time to me! I hope they had a good time, but I really don't know, because Grandma and Grandpa took care of me for the day and night. We had so much fun that I really didn't miss Mom and Dad much!

Here I am hiking with Grandma and her friend, Ms. Marilyn

...and playing with the girl next door.

I can't tell you much about these pictures except that they are of my mommy and daddy...

I don't think they had too much fun without me, do you?


I can share pictures again, so here's one of me running around at home. (I'll show you more traveling pictures soon.) I look like such a big boy in this picture because I'm in my 3T big boy clothes now. I have a magnet in my hand because Mommy is starting to trust me not to put them in my mouth anymore. (I still try it sometimes when she's not looking, just for old time's sake.) You might also see that I have a sandal tan. Even though my mom and dad keep sunscreen on me all the time and keep me inside during the middle of the day, I'm still getting tan. I must take after my daddy and not my mommy!

Blogger is Not Working!

Mommy has not been able to help me share pictures for two days now. She is trying not to be cranky. If you see her, please tell her to be patient! Cranky mommies are no fun. Hopefully we'll show you some more pictures soon!

Traveling Adventures: Hiking

I still have a lot more pictures to post about my traveling adventures. The theme of my pictures today is "hiking." I did lots of hiking with Mommy and Daddy on this trip. I really like looking at the trees, rocks, and water, and I love my backpack!

Mommy and Daddy love this picture. I'm not sure why, since you can't see anybody's faces, but since they love it so much, I'll show it to you first.

I can hike all by myself.

I love my mom and dad!

If you look closely, you can see that I have each pointer finger in its own little hole in the backpack. I love holes!

We're watching the rushing river, but we can't go swimming in it.

Here I am asking Mommy why I get cheese and grapes but she gets trail mix. Do you think she'll ever let me try it???

My first taste of Gatorade. It's GREAT stuff!

A nice man took this picture for us. You can see his kids in the background.

With my favorite guy doing one of our favorite things!

My strap helped my two "fang" teeth come in. (Mommy discovered today that I actually have two new fangs, not just one!)

We love hiking by the water!


This was a sweet little nap that surprised everyone-even me!

Traveling Adventures

I'm back! I had a great trip visiting my grandma and grandpa who are also Daddy's mommy and daddy. Mommy and I flew out there by ourselves to meet Daddy, who was already there for work. Mommy got all nervous about flying alone with me just because it was not all that fun last time. Silly Mommy! The last time we flew alone was almost a year ago, and I'm big now! I understand about flying in an airplane and driving fast so that we can go up in the clouds. Going fast makes me giggle. Having to sit in Mommy's lap forever waiting for the plane to take off does not make me (or Mommy) giggle, but let's not talk about that.

I learned lots of new things on our trip, including the sign for "read" and how to say "trouble." Grandpa and Grandma's favorite tricks were when I said "Pa-paw" and Ma-maw." I also got a new tooth that Mommy calls a "fang." That doesn't sound very nice, Mommy.

We took so many pictures that it's going to take a few days to show you all the important stuff. So, today I'll show you pictures of my wagon and my tractor. They actually belonged to Daddy and Aunt Michelle when they were little kids, and Grandpa gave them new paint jobs just for me. Don't they look great? He even added a horn to the tractor for me!

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for the great visit! Enjoy all these pictures of my fun adventures, everyone!

Grandpa is teaching me how to drive a tractor.

Born to drive!

Daddy knows how to drive a tractor, too.

Pushing is even more fun than driving!

Is this what it means to be a Husker?

Your turn to pull me, Grandma!

"More," Daddy, "more!"

Missing Me?

You might have noticed that I haven't shared any pictures in awhile. Don't worry, I'll show you some great ones soon! I've been having lots of adventures with no time to talk about them. While you're waiting on me, you can check on my friends. Here's what they've been up to since my last post:

  • Caleb has been loving blueberries
  • Elise made it home safely, and you can see pictures of me on her blog
  • Emma Claire has been to the pool without me
  • Graham has been staying cool in Texas
  • Ira is sick, so he needs us to pray for him!
  • Jamey has a new pet
  • Maximus is in his new house in Oregon
  • Paul is back from Europe and is sharing some culture with the local babies
  • Spike has been hanging out in his Exersaucer

Some of my other friends have not posted about their adventures, but I'm sure they've been doing amazing things, too. I'll share some pictures with you very soon, so check back...have you missed me???

My Own Set of Wheels

I'd like to tell you about my car. Our wonderful neighbor, Ms. Pam, got it for me secondhand. That means that another kid drove it before I did. That's OK with me. Mommy and Daddy drive used cars, too, and they say that if you get a car when it's used, you don't have to deal with as much depreciation. I have no idea what they're talking about, but if they're happy with used cars, so am I.

I used to love playing with cars like this at friends' houses, and now I have my very own. What could be better? Well, maybe one thing could be better: if Mommy always said "yes" when I ask to go outside and drive my car. Do you think she'll always say yes if I whine enough? I'll keep working on it.


Today, I went to Emma Claire's house to play because our good buddy, Elise, was visiting. We were so glad to see Elise! The mommies tried to get us all into a picture, but as you can see, we were not feeling photogenic. Elise brought her cousin, Thad, and the mommies wanted all four of us in a picture together, but that was just too much to ask of us. Sorry, mommies!

Here are Elise and I playing with Emma Claire's toys. (Emma Claire decided it was sleep time, not playtime.) Mommy says that I should let you know that we weren't really playing together, even though the picture looks like we are. She says it was parallel play. Mommy, you are soooo picky.