Grandpa drove back to his house today, and I was really sad to see him go. Bye-bye, Grandpa! Thanks for the fun times!

Moms and Tots

Remember how I was going to show you some pictures from Moms and Tots today? Well, Mommy decided that there were too many to put on the blog. She has a special online album that she can share with you. If you want them, leave a comment here and she'll send you the link to the album.

Tomorrow, I'm going to spend the afternoon with Jamey, Ava, Spike, and some other friends, and I'll try to get Mommy to show you those pictures, but for real this time.

Jack, Jill, and Me

Mommy finally made a friend for Jack. When Jack got a face, I learned how to say "face" and kept asking Mommy for a face for Jack's friend. Now she has a face, too!

Here I am being a tiger and getting ready to go to Moms and Tots to play with my friends. Mommy will post pictures of Moms and Tots soon. And, here's a big "thank you" to Mommy's grandma, my great-grandma, who gave my costume to me. Thank you!


This is Jack. I hope Mommy makes a friend for Jack, but she says that Jack took a lot of work and she needs to take a rest until tomorrow!

Until then, if you want to read a book about friends of Jack's, you can try this one:


Mommy and Grandma and I went out to take some fall pictures today. I got to run around while Mommy and Grandma held the cameras. These were at the university where Mommy went to college before she and daddy met. We were planning on going to the park next, but I had a diaper event that had to be taken care of instead. Last year, Emma Claire and I took some fall pictures here together. Maybe I'll call her up for another photo date this year.

Maybe I'll go to college here someday, when I get big...but I need to get out of these diapers first.

Baby Katherine's Birthday Party

Here are the pictures of Baby Katherine's birthday party that I told you I'd try to get Mommy to share. Since Katherine's one now, I guess she's getting big and isn't a baby anymore. Thanks for inviting us to your party, Katherine!

Here's Katherine opening her gifts with her daddy, her brother Sam, and her mommy. Katherine was a lot more patient with her presents and her cake than I was at my party.

Here is Katherine with my uncle Brian. Uncle Brian has the same birthday as Katherine, but he's not one year old. He's more years old than that-more than I can count.

Here is Katherine with my aunt Anna...

and here is Katherine with my mommy. I think Mommy liked holding someone smaller than me. Sorry that we didn't get any pictures of Daddy this time!


This weekend, we got to spend time with Daddy's side of the family. We had a great time together! The trees were turning lots of pretty colors besides green, and the air was cold. That makes Mommy and Daddy happy because they both like fall.

Here is a picture of all of us: Uncle Jamie, Daddy, Mommy, me, Aunt Michelle, Grandma, and Grandpa.

Here's a picture of me with Aunt Michelle and the geese. I walked with the geese a lot this weekend, but the geese didn't want to be touched. That made me sad! When they were done walking with me, they all flew away at once. Geese are beautiful!


There are so many happy things going on right now that I thought I'd show you a picture of how happy I am!

This morning, I got to see baby Katherine and her whole family because today we had her first birthday party. This picture is of me running around in her backyard. I'll try to get Mommy to post some pictures of Katherine tasting cake for the first time. Happy Birthday, Katherine!

And, today, my grandma is here, and my grandpa is about to get here again. Uncle Jamie and Aunt Michelle are coming, too. I think we'll have a great time together. I have lots of reasons to be happy!

Little Marshmallows

It's cold today, so Jamey and I wore our coats during our morning walk with the mommies. Mommy says my coat makes me look like a marshmallow. What's a marshmallow?

With the cold weather comes Christmas trees! The Christmas trees are up at Wal-Mart, so I think we'll need to walk by and touch them every time we go get groceries. I think Christmas is going to be pretty exciting this year, but Mommy says she's not ready to think about that!

Whistling and Running

After my weekend with Graham, his mommy gave me a special present: whistling straws. I figured out how to make them whistle today and had a great time running around and whistling. I overheard Mommy and Daddy saying they were not excited about me runnning with a straw in my mouth, and I am a little nervous that when I get up in tomorrow morning, my straws will be gone. Until then, I'm having a great time with them. Thanks to Graham's mommy for the straws!

New Blogger Buddies

You might notice that I have a new blog on my list of friends over to the right. Mommy's college roommate and dear friend, Ms. Krista, has started a blog for her kids: Caleb, Katie, and Daniel. (Their daddy, Mr. Chad, helped.) We're excited that we can see their pictures because we have to go long, long times between our visits. If you want to see some pictures of the mommies and kids on our last visit, click here, and if you want to see me with Caleb and Katie, you can click here. You might also notice that I'm very small in these pictures, and that there's no Daniel. Daniel was just born a couple of months ago and we haven't met him yet!

Anyway, enjoy the new pictures from Ms. Krista and Mr. Chad. I'll post some of my own soon!

Pumpkins from Grandpa

My grandpa grew these amazing pumpkins in his garden and brought them all the way here just for me. Here I am trying to lift them myself. Mommy thought that this was a great opportunity for a cute fall picture.

I will not pose for your cute picture...

I will slither like a snake, but I will not be in your picture, Mommy...

Maybe you should just take a picture of the cute pumpkins by themselves.


Grandpa and I have been having a great time playing together. He always knows how to make a little boy happy. Here we are reading one of lots of books that I asked him to read to me. He brought me some fun surprises, too. Thanks for visiting, Grandpa!

Before Kids

Here are some of the things that my mommy and daddy did with Graham's mommy and daddy before we came along. I told you I'd show you, but I'm warning you-it's not very interesting. We have a lot of other pictures of things that they did, but Mommy & Daddy didn't have a digital camera then, so I can't blog them. (That was a LONG time ago!) Here are some pictures of them on a big boat together. Life is much more fun for the mommies and daddies now!

Sitting still...boring...

Our daddies should be wearing backpacks with little boys in them.

Our mommies are trying to stay warm because it's cold and windy. If they were holding or chasing Graham and me, they wouldn't be worrying about staying warm!

Here they are, all dressed up for a fancy meal. I bet they didn't get anything wiped on their clothes, and I bet they had to sit down for a long, long time to eat. I'm sure they think meals are much more fun now! I'm so glad they had Graham and me so that we could all be together!

The Rest of the Story

Just like I are the rest of the pictures of our fun time with Graham!

When I woke up Saturday morning, Graham was there! I hadn't seen him since my first Thanksgiving a year ago. He grew a lot and is a lot more fun now! He drove halfway to my house and I drove halfway to his house, and we stayed at a cabin in the woods right there in the middle. (Wouldn't it be much less complicated if all my buddies lived together in the same town?) Here we are having breakfast in our PJs, a rare treat for me. someone going to get that?

Here we are taking a hike. Nobody notices that I can't see because my hat is over my eyes!

Graham likes trailers and other vehicles just as much as I do!

A Visit with Graham (and a Very Long Post)

I'm back from visiting Graham!

Graham's daddy and mommy were friends with my mommy and daddy before Graham and I came on the scene. The daddies went to grad school while the mommies were school teachers, and in their spare time, they all had a lot of fun together. If Blogger works this week, maybe I can get Mommy to show you pictures of the things they did a long time ago. Anyway, Graham and I are happy that they're still such good friends so that we can be friends, too.

I have a few more pictures to share about the beginning of our times together, but we're having problems with Blogger, so I'll try to post them tomorrow. For now, you can see the middle and end of our visit.

Here we are with Graham's mommy, Aunt Jo.

Here I am tasting Graham's raisins. I LOVE raisins!

Here we are: Graham with his mommy and daddy, and me with mine.

Do you like my walking stick?

Graham and I got to run around in the park together.

I love my mommy. And, she taught me to say "RV!"

Uncle Tim helped me to fly!

Graham and I love our daddies!

Buddies have to stick together.

I guess little buddies need to take baths together, too.

We got to run around some more...and touch those Hummers!

Here I am with my two favorite people. I am actually whining in this picture because I want to keep going. Mommy and Daddy are still not impressed with my whining abilities, but I'll keep working on that.

Graham and I practiced our stepping together.

And we also practiced driving. I have a sneaking suspicion that Graham gets to drive more often than I do!

A goodbye hug from Graham with Daddy holding me.

Now that I'm home, my grandpa is here to play with me. I'll show you pictures of that adventure soon.

Whew! Thanks for a great time, Graham, Uncle Tim, and Aunt Jo! Good night!

More Buddies...What Could Be Better?

Today, Sam and Katherine came over to have lunch and play. Sam is such a great player, and I get lots of new ideas from him! Maybe next time we'll take pictures.

We're about to go visit Graham. I can say "Tim" and "Jo," which are the names of his daddy and mommy, but Graham is a little trickier. I just can't wait to see Graham.

After I'm done playing with Graham, I get to see Katherine and Sam again, and my grandpa is coming to visit! I have so many fun people to play with!

Here's a picture of me driving to play with Graham. I hope you have fun watching me drive!