I'm Not So Sure About This!

I haven't posted lately, but I'm still here! I have been playing with my grandma and grandpa so much that I haven't had time to put pictures on the blog. We've had lots of company-my other grandparents and my aunts, uncles, and cousins came over to see my visiting grandparents-and we also went to see some trains, which I can't wait to show you.

Today, we went to go see the ocean. It was cold, rainy, and beautiful. Here's just one picture from our adventures, and I'll show you more soon. As you can tell from this expression, I really was not sure about posing up high on the tree for this picture.

I'll try to show you my train pictures and more ocean pictures soon!

Weekend at the Coast

Here are some more pictures of our fun time with Sophia and Antonia and their parents.

We went to see the ocean and had a picnic on this porch. Here we are: Antonia (on the far left,) Sophia, Uncle Charlie, me, Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Paola.

Here is a view of the ocean from this little house. We were way up on a cliff, and the ocean was way down below.

The girls taught me all about crafts. We made pictures with these heart stickers. Maybe I can get Mommy to let me do some crafts at home, too! (Half the fun of the hearts was throwing them up in the air and making it rain hearts.)

It was also very important to put hearts in the girls' red shoes.

Sophia and Antonia really liked my vehicles, especially my trains.

Here we are posing for a picture just for you.

Thanks for a wonderful visit, everyone! We hope to see you again soon!

Big News!

Grandma and Grandpa are here! They flew in an airplane to see me today, and Mommy and I picked them up at the airport this morning. (Mommy would not let me get on an airplane, even though I asked very nicely.) It's great to have all my grandparents here!

We are sitting here watching a big thunderstorm, and it's hailing, too. Mommy says that thunderstorms hardly ever happen here, and it makes us miss our old home a little bit. (We saw lots of thunderstorms at our old home.) This is a picture of the hail that gathered on my slide and bridge. We hope that the hail doesn't hurt the pretty almond blossoms, but the lightning and thunder sure are exciting.

In the Forest

My mom hasn't posted our pictures from our trip yet, so I'll tell you a little bit about it.  My buddies, Antonia and Sophia, invited us to come stay at their cabin near the coast for the weeekend.  We had a great time, and I learned a lot about girl toys since we don't have any at our house.  I got to see some really beautiful places, too.  Sophia is four, and Antonia is two and a half.

On our last day together, we spent a little time out in the forest, and we got to throw rocks in the river.  I could have done that all day long!  Here's a little video of us throwing rocks.  Thanks for a fun time, Sophia and Antonia!

Did You Miss Me?

Even though I haven't posted this weekend, I was not sick...I was having fun! Mommy and I felt just well enough just in time so that our family could see some old friends and go to their cabin for the weekend. I'll tell you more soon, but here is one highlight of our trip.

We were way up on a cliff above the ocean in this picture-and it was my first time to see the ocean! As you can see, the wind was blowing so hard that it blew my eyes closed, and since my silly mommy forgot her jacket at home, my kind daddy gave her his shirt. What a guy!

A Happier Day

I'm still not doing very well today. My eyes are drooping. My nose is dripping. My mouth is sneezing. And when it's time to go up or down the stairs, I just cry because I'm too tired to do it myself. So, I don't want to look at a picture of today. Let's look at a picture of a happier day:

Here I am with Mommy reading my Things That Go book from Aunt Amanda. (Aunt Amanda has a special gift for great books, since she also gave me my Big Dig book.) I still love reading with anyone who will read to me, so reading makes it a happy day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I'm still snotty, and I shared it with Mommy, too. It's good to share, right?

On a happier note, Aunt Anna, Uncle Brian, Sam, and Katherine sent us a package today! Mommy and I had gone to grandpa's office to get adjusted, and when we came back, our package was a happy surprise on our doorstep. Thanks for the package, Aunt Anna and everyone! We miss you!


That's the theme today! We seem to be getting sick a lot since our move. First I got sick, then Mommy got sick, then Daddy got sick, and now I'm sick again. Mommy thinks that we're getting acquainted with all the new germs out here. I even had to miss MOPS today because I was feeling yucky.

On a happier note, it's almost spring! The almonds are almost ready to bloom, and we're really excited about that. The farmers have put the bee hives out near the trees so that the bees can get ready to do their job. We'll take pictures when ithe blossoms look really pretty. I've never seen almond blossoms before, and after the almonds, it will be time for the peaches to bloom! We love spring!

My New Playgroup

Today, Mommy and I went to our new playgroup. We're so thankful that our neighbor, Ms. Amy, has been so welcoming and has introduced us to her friends and all their kids. Here we are posing for a picture at Ms. Jetta's house: Helia, Kirsi, Ella, Annelies, me, and Jared. Of course I had to stick out my tongue for the picture. If you look on Ella's blog today, she explains who was missing in this picture. We hope to see our missing buddies soon!

Ms. Jen is reading a book to some of us.

And here are most of us having lunch. Somehow, I always have a fussy and picky day on playgroup day, so I missed out on some of the yummy food.

Here is the big blue Ford tractor that lives at Ms. Jetta and Mr. Phil's house.

The girls were better at driving than the boys were!

Thanks to Mr. Phil for sharing his tractor with all of us.

Here are today's moms and kids together. Thanks for a fun playgroup, everyone!

(And, by the way, Graham had playgroup today, too...check his blog and take a peek!)


My little buddy, Jamey, came to visit today. He's my first little buddy visitor since we've moved. Special thanks to Mr. James and Ms. Karyn for bringing him to see me! And now I'm wondering...which little buddy will visit me next? Thanks for coming to play today, Jamey!

Here we are standing at my back door wishing we could go play. It's too wet and muddy out there, so we're just letting in the fresh air and wishing...

Here are Jamey and I with my yellow chair...who's going to get on the chair first?

Here we are listening to Jamey's daddy singing the Teapot Song, one of my favorites. Emma Claire's mommy is so good at singing to get kids to smile and look at the camera. Here, Jamey's mommy is making sure I don't run away, and we're smiling, but not at Jamey's daddy. Maybe you could visit, Emma Claire, so that we could get a better picture?

And Did You Notice?

I'm throwing with my left hand in all these sideways movies. Maybe I'll be a "lefty" like Daddy's daddy, but it's still too soon to tell...

And Now...

I'm the best catcher ever!  Thanks for teaching me, Dad!  (And again, sorry my mom filmed me sideways.  Someday she'll learn.)

The Best Game

This is the best game ever!  (Please forgive my mom...she forgot that you can't film sideways on a digital camera.  If you want to watch this one, you can tilt your head sideways.  Sorry!)

Almost, But Not Quite

My big boy room is almost ready for some "after" pictures, but not yet. Mommy is done making the pink ceiling "Irish Cream" like the rest of the house and making the pink walls green. Here are some sneak peeks of my green room. I've been sleeping in there for a couple of days, but just in my crib, not in a big boy bed yet.

Here are the airplanes that Caleb gave me for my birthday. I like to wake up and talk about their sizes and colors. And, Caleb, you'll be happy to know that I can say your name now! When I moved, I said "Cay-bub," and now I say "Cay-yub."

Here is my fan. Mommy gave me a special surprise by putting airplanes on the blades. They fly around and around!

And, here are my ladybugs in my new room, down where I can see them and look at lots of my little buddies. They were in my old room, too, and I've missed seeing them! There are a few buddies who are missing (like you, Cay-yub,) but Mommy is working on that. I love to see pictures of my buddies.

When Mommy and Daddy are done hanging things on my walls, I'll show you more pictures. Mommy is also working on the other pink room, and has make its pink ceiling Irish Cream, too. Maybe someday we'll have the ballerina teddy bears off of the walls and have "after" pictures of it, too.

New Buddies in New Playroom

My two new buddies, Jared and Ella, came over to play today. Mommy has enough boxes in the playroom cleared out that we can actually play in there now. We pulled all the toys out and had a great time! But, Jared and Ella thought that the stairs were a better toy than anything in the playroom. Thanks for coming to play, little buddies!

Having my new buddies over today made me really excited to see one of my old buddies, Jamey. I haven't seen Jamey since before we moved, and during our time apart, Jamey has gotten really interested in tractors. I knew I liked him!!! He's also had a lot of cold, yucky weather at his house lately, so, on Sunday, I'll share my tractors and my yard. Come soon, Jamey! I can't wait until Sunday!

Too Cool

Since I didn't have any sunglasses of my own, Grandma took pity on me and found some for me.

Now I am too cool for words.


I'm happy to have more family close to my house now! Here are some pictures of me with some of my family.

Reading My First Truck Book with Grandma.

Playing with my trucks with Great Grandma

Reading my tractor book with Great Grandpa. He knows all about tractors, since he has driven lots of them!

Walking in grandpa's shoes. Mommy used to like to do this, too.


Mommy and I had a great morning with Jared. Jared's mommy, Ms. Amy, dropped him off here, and we played and had snack and played some more. Mommy said we did a great job sharing. Jared and I are both obsessed with vehicles, so it's hard to share when we love all the same toys. But, today we did it! Thanks for coming to play, Jared!

Tonight's Quote

I had a sentence with nine words in it today, and Mommy was pretty impressed. But she wanted me to share this shorter sentence with you instead. I put it together on the changing table tonight, all by myself:

"Trader Joe's. Bank. Wal-Mart. Mall. Target."

Moving Adventures, Part 4-Finally!

Here's the last part of our moving adventure: the fun time at Grandpa and Grandma's. After the fun dinner with lots of relatives, we had originally planned to spend one more night at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Linda's house. (And they had a REAL crib for me to sleep in...it was great!) But, there was a snowstorm on its way, so we decided to drive to Grandma and Grandpa's instead to try and beat the snow. (You may have read about this already.) We were glad we did.

I liked sitting and watching Grandma's Christmas village.

Here's Daddy with his mommy and daddy.


Here I am with my mommy and daddy.

Now I'm showing my muscles. Grandma and Grandpa love this trick.

There was so much beautiful snow! We were glad that we drove early to try to beat the storm.

My first sledding adventure!

We are not kidding when we talk about lots of snow!


Daddy had some trouble making turns in the snow, and he dumped me out of the sled. Not a happy ending to my sledding time!

We had a late Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's, and I got some really fun toys. Here I am with my construction puzzle that has sounds.

Grandpa made this name puzzle just for me!

Here I am showing Grandpa my John Deere tractor.

Grandma is reading me my Johnny Tractor book...

and so is Grandpa.

My biggest surprise was this amazing tricycle.

I'm going to learn to pedal soon...

but until then, Grandpa can push. Thanks for the great visit and gifts, Grandpa and Grandma!