Grace Evelyn

Grace was born yesterday at 12:59PM and she was bigger than me when I was born. I'm a very excited big brother!

You can see details here:

If You Haven't Stopped By...

In case you haven't stopped by here in awhile, I just wanted to leave a short reminder that we're posting in a new location, A Scrapbook of Sorts.  I hope you'll join us there.  Feel free to subscribe or become a follower.  We hope to have an exciting announcement posted there soon, but we're trying to be patient!


"You know, at gymnastics, there's a big girl with a really pretty name:  North Dakota.  That's really pretty, isn't it!"

Just One More Thing

My mom's photo collage in the playroom was mentioned here on Ikeahacker today!  Thanks, Jules!

Happy Four Years...Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be our fourth anniversary of blogging.  Daddy introduced our family to the idea before we really knew anything about blogs, and we've really enjoyed blogging and sharing my life with family and friends.  Since I was born far away from almost everyone I was related to, it was a great way to help them get to know me while I grew.

We've done so much sharing that we've almost filled this whole blog.  That's probably because my mom takes so many pictures, don't you think?  We thought that our fourth anniversary would be a good time to start a new blog, so that's what we're going to do.  I'm going to hand over the blogging responsibilities to my mom, so this new blog will not only be about me.  It will be about our whole family.  I decided I needed a little more privacy since I'm getting so big, and I thought you'd also like to know all about my new brother or sister.  We all hope you like our new blog!

My mom and dad lost a lot of sleep last night due to lots of contractions, but the baby is still not here.  We're getting a little anxious.  The baby has decided to take the day off from contractions, so it may be awhile.

Anyway, this is where you can find us first thing in the morning:  A Scrapbook of Sorts, and the address is  We hope you'll visit us there.  Please feel free to become a "follower" and leave us a comment anytime.  Thanks for being a part of our bloggy world!

Lego Snail

My Mom and Dad

Here I am with my mom.

Her watermelon just keeps getting bigger.

Here I am with my dad.

He comes home for lunch sometimes, and that makes us so happy.  When I was a newborn baby, I liked to be held with my knees up like this.

One More Thing

I took our poll out of the sidebar this morning.  Our unscientific survey found that our dear readers are split almost 50/50 as to whether this baby will be a girl or a boy.  Thank you for voting!  We can't wait to find out!

Another One from Mommy: 38 Weeks

I made it to the midwife yet again! At my last appointment, she made a comment to the effect of, "if you even make it to next week..." The midwife I saw this week said, "I think you'll have the baby this week." So, I am officially one of those people who may be given false hope of the baby coming a bit early, and then feel late and impatient by the due date. But, with how nervous I was about preterm labor for awhile, I'm just thankful for how far we've made it and excited to meet this baby whenever he/she comes.

The midwife I saw last week always has some comment about the large/long size of the baby.  The midwife I saw this week thinks we'll have an average-sized, average-length baby.  (That sounds nice, yes?)  She says I am now 3 cm dilated, still 80% effaced, and the baby is at a -1 station.  Everything looks fine, though-good blood pressure, etc., for me, and good heart rate for the baby.  We're excited about our little miracle.

Jonathan was with my mom this morning, and when I came to get him, she had this gift for me:
Two dozen infant-size chinese prefold diapers!  Yay!  We didn't start cloth with Jonathan until almost 6 mos., so I only had standard size diapers for him (which took him from 6 mos. to potty training.  Amazing.)  I had hoped to start cloth sooner with this baby (although not from day one!) and now I can.

Here's a dozen before they're washed.  They get quilty (is that a word?) and soft after you wash them a few times.  I'll post the "after" picture when I have it.

Thank you so much for following our story and praying for our baby's safe arrival.  It means more than you know!  Now I'm off to play Legos with Jonathan...

The Cradle (from Mommy)

Today, my uncle Dave came over with a special delivery:  this beautiful cradle that he and my aunt Christine are lending to us and our baby.  Uncle Dave made the cradle for their family more than 25 years ago, and Aunt Christine made the bedding.  We're honored to use this special heirloom while our baby is small!  Here's Uncle Dave with the cradle.

Here's where we have it in the living room.  Dave thought that, since we have two stories now, it might be nice to have someplace for the baby to sleep downstairs.  Great idea!  And we never did have a bassinet or anything like that before, so the cradle will be perfect.  Here's the sweet, snuggly spot for the baby.

Thanks for sharing, Uncle Dave and Aunt Christine!


My mom made just one New Year's resolution for 2009.  She resolved to have a pen (or some writing instrument) or scissors in my hands every single day.  For some kids, this happens without trying, but since I'd rather build with teensy-tinsy Legos or play with vehicles, it takes some effort with me.  And even though I know my letters and the sounds they make, and I like to talk about them all the time, I don't care much about writing them.

Well, it's February, and my mom has not had scissors or a pen in my hand every day.  Or even close.  Thank goodness I won't be old enough for kindergarten until fall of 2010!  So, there's still time for her to work on it.  I had a resolution of my own this year, and I have kept it:  to play with Legos every day.  

Despite the Lego fun, my mom has decided to give her resolution another try.  So, here I am with scissors.  She got some special "lefty" scissors for me, and I think they're great fun.  So far she has just let me have my own experiences with them instead of making me cut specific shapes or lines.

You'll notice that I cut the paper into little pieces, and also that I'm holding the scissors upside-down.  My mom also liked to hold her scissors that way at first, and she remembers arguing with her kindergarten teacher and her own mom about how to hold scissors.  So, she's being a softy and hasn't made me change my ways yet.

And here I am tracing over the letters on a placemat we got at Target in the dollar section.  We love the dollar section!  I'm doing pretty well for someone who doesn't care about writing.

And here are the upper-case letters.

Much to Mommy's surprise, all that work with teensy-tinsy Legos has helped me with all my fine-motor skills, not just building.  I'm doing much better at getting the pen to go where I want it to.  I still don't care about drawing and writing, but I'm getting better at it, despite myself.  Yay for Legos!  Now if I can learn to snap and zip my own jeans, I can really make Mommy happy...but I'd rather go build something.

More Observations

I should let you know what the other colors of M&Ms taste like:
Orange-orange (of course)

"You know how the Lightning McQueen cars don't have any lips, do they!  Kinda like Larry."

The Blue Ones

"You know, the blue M&Ms are acorn flavored."

Duplo Airplane

Here is a Duplo airplane I built myself by copying the picture of the airplane on the Duplo tub. And here's what it sounds like.

Catching Up on Pictures

We had a lot of fun having my faraway grandparents nearby for the past couple of weeks. We took them to the airport on Monday, and now things are very quiet around here. We miss having them here. We got a little behind on our pictures, so now we'll work on catching up, and maybe that will help them not to miss me so much.  Here we go...

I still like to "mail" things in my kitchen.  Ms. Grace, my good friend from Quiznos, gives me her leftover gift cards so I can mail them in this slot.

I am still obsessed with Legos.  Here are some things I've built recently.

And here is my favorite guy.  He's good for a snuggle anytime.

37 Weeks

Update from Mommy

I had my 37-week appointment today, since yesterday was a holiday.  Jeff came with me and Jonathan didn't, because it's time to check my "progress."  I saw the midwife who is the one who usually comments on the baby's size, so it was no surprise that she did again today.  She thinks the baby will be long like Jonathan-either that he/she already is or that he/she will be if I make it to my due date.  (This baby has settled into a very uncomfortable place against my ribs, just like he did-but on the left instead of the right.)  He/she sounds healthy, and I'm progressing.  I'm 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  (With Jonathan at 37 weeks, nothing was happening yet.)  I could walk around like this for a few more weeks...or not!  We'll see!  We're thankful that all seems to be well and baby will be here soon.  My bag is packed, and I've washed the new 0-3 mos. things that we received at our recent shower.  

I should also mention that Jeff spoiled me today!  His Valentine's Day gift to me was an appointment for a prenatal massage after my checkup this morning.  Yes, I'm spoiled...and grateful.  As I was waiting my turn, a woman in the waiting room gave me another gem of a quote to share.  As you know, people seem to think that it's appropriate to say anything to pregnant women.  She said, "Wow, you look ready to pop!"  Um...okay?  On to more pleasant things, the massage was wonderful!  What a great gift!