Visiting Zachariah

Right now, my daddy is about to go to a faraway football game with Zachariah's daddy, so last night, the mommies and the kids got together to play! (One of these days, we'll convince our dads to let the kids come along to do some "guy things.") Zachariah is almost three, so he has lots of big-boy toys and shares them with me, too! He even let me eat off of his tractor plate at dinnertime. What could be better?

Here we are getting ready for mommy and me to go home. You can see that I'm in my PJs. I got to stay up past my bedtime! The last time we visited, I got to stay up late, too. That was when I met Meredith for the first time.

Here we are, post-conk. We had a goodbye hug, too, but we were too fast for the camera. Thank you for sharing with me, Zachariah!


You might remember that I've been a shoe lover for a long time. And, I thought that complaining about putting them on would tell Mommy that they were too small. But, she didn't understand!!! She thought I was just being cantankerous. Finally, at Sam's house this weekend, Mommy realized what was going on. And, thank goodness for Aunt Anna, because she let me wear Sam's old size eights instead of my own size sevens that were smooshing my toes.

Here I am snuggling up with some warm laundry while I wear Sam's shoes. Thanks for sharing, Sam!

Today, I finally got some new shoes. (It took awhile because Mommy wanted shoes with laces and with no characters, whatever that means!) The shoe lady said that eights were too small, so here I am wearing my new 8 1/2 shoes. I'm also eating my hearts and ohs. I love hearts, remember? Thanks for the shoes, Mommy! When these start to get too small, I'll start complaining sooner! Or, maybe I'll learn some more words...

Finishing My Trip Stories

Here are the last pictures I'm going to share about my big trip to see lots of relatives. (Mommy has been kind of slow in helping me with this, but Daddy and I still love her.) These pictures are of my grandma and my grandpa Don.

Here I am with Grandma while she shows me how to play with all the Little People. I am standing at the table that Great-Great Aunt Ethel and Great-Great Aunt Edra gave to Mommy and Uncle Todd when they were my size. (Those aunts were Great Grandma's older sisters. Now they are all in heaven together.) There used to be chairs, but I think Mommy and Uncle Todd gave the chairs as much love as the chairs could handle.

Now we are blowing bubbles. I'm actually a little more interested in the steps than in the bubbles. Grandma is always glad to play with me.

Here I am saying "goodbye" to grandpa Don. He likes little kids like me and likes to make funny noises to make me smile.

Here I am walking with Grandma at the airport while Mommy and Daddy get our stuff out of the car. Even thought I was excited to see the airplanes, I was very sad to leave my grandma. I hope she'll come back and visit me soon!

Coloring with Crayons

Mommy and I thought that my buddy Elise had a great idea, so we decided to give coloring a try. It was so fun! And, I remembered not to put the crayons in my mouth. (I don't really care about coloring in the lines like Elise does.)

First, I had to take the crayons in and out of the tray for awhile.

Then, Mommy helped me make the letters in my name and I did some coloring.

Mommy also helped me make some stars and hearts, and then I colored some more. (I thought that making hearts was so funny! I love hearts!) Don't you think I did a great job coloring?

Adventures with Buddies

On Saturday, we went to see Uncle Brian and Aunt Anna. The daddies went to watch a football game while the mommies talked and the kids napped. Something's not quite right about that. But, the kids didn't have to sleep the whole time-we got to eat lunch and dinner and play a little bit, too.

Here we are after taking a walk together (and I promise I'm not really smaller than baby Katherine)...

And here we are together in Uncle Brian's car. Mommy and Aunt Anna had to go pick up Aunt Anna's car from the repair shop, so we all got to ride in the backseat together.

The mommies thought that we were hilarious and kept taking our pictures!

This is lots more fun than riding alone in Mommy's backseat. Let's take a ride together again soon!

Aunt Corinne and the Henneh

While I was on my big trip, Aunt Corinne invited me over to her parents' house to ride her horses. Horses say "neigh," and I can even say the word "horses," like this: HENNEH!

Here I am meeting one of her horses for the second time. The first time was at Aunt Corinne and Uncle Todd's wedding.

We fed a carrot to Aunt Corinne's horse, and his crunching was really LOUD!

Here I am taking a ride!

Aunt Corinne held onto me and taught me to hold onto the saddle. Her mommy, Ms. Emily, showed the horse where to walk.

I had so much fun riding the horse. I wanted to ride more and more!

After we were done with the horses, Aunt Corinne let me drive! I'm not sure which I liked better. Thanks for all the fun, Aunt Corinne!

Driving with Aunt Amanda

Would you believe that my aunt Amanda also drives a truck? She does, and she let me drive it! Since I had already learned how to drive with Uncle Todd, I knew exactly what to do. Here we are having fun driving.

Aunt Amanda and I also played with the Little People together. These are some great toys, and they belonged to Mommy and Uncle Todd and Aunt Amanda a long time ago. We had a lot of fun ringing the doorbell and answering the door together.


I'm So Tall!

Driving with Uncle Todd

You already know that my uncle Todd knows just how to make a little guy happy. So, you won't be surprised to see that he let me drive his truck! My mom and dad are great and everything, but they don't generally let me drive. Uncles must say "yes" a lot more than moms and dads do!

Here are some pictures of me with Uncle Todd in his truck. Thanks, Uncle Todd, for letting me drive! Let's do that again soon!


Today I am sick, and it's no fun at all. I don't feel like doing anything. Mommy held me for most of the day, except when she was taking these pictures. And you know that I don't usually like to just sit and be held.

I sat and read my books for awhile...

and I took a morning nap. I haven't taken a morning nap in months!

I even watched two whole Boz videos. (And you should know that I never watch videos. It's much more fun to play!)

I just feel yucky.

Talking about being sick is no fun, so let's look at some more of my pictures from my trip next time.

Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

Mommy and Daddy both have so many aunts, uncles, and cousins, that I'm not sure how they keep track. I'm glad they do, though! Here we are visiting Mommy's aunt Kathy, cousin Sarah (and us in the middle) and her uncle Garth. Sarah has two brothers, Neil and Jordan, who weren't home. Mommy remembers when all these cousins were my size. I got to stay up past my bedtime for this visit and run around in their backyard. Thanks for the visit, everybody!

Caleb's Great Idea

After my nap on Friday, I found out that something wonderful had happened. Caleb and his mommy wanted some ice cream, and Mommy and I were invited to have some, too! I'm so glad to have friends like Caleb, because I might never get ice cream otherwise (except at birthday parties!)

The mommies ordered ice cream at the drive-in and let us have teeny bites. They didn't think we noticed how teeny the bites were, but we did. Then we got water with straws.

We liked drinking out of straws as much as we liked ice cream!

After that, we went to the park. We saved the life of a turtle who was walking in the street. Here's Caleb patting the turtle...

and now me.

Then, we had fun on the slides!

We can climb up all by ourselves...


slide down by ourselves, too!

Thanks for being a good buddy, Caleb!


Will someone tickle this tummy for me?



I'm going to take a break from telling you about my trip and let you know what's going on right now. Fall is in the air! In the mornings this week, I have worn long sleeves and pants, but by the afternoon, I have needed shorts. Too much changing clothes, if you ask me! Here I am wearing some fall clothes.