Thanks, Grandpa! These pumpkins are so fun! Posted by Picasa

What's this squiggly thing? Boing, boing... Posted by Picasa

My grandpa sent these pumpkins to me in a big box. I want to touch them all with this finger. Posted by Picasa

Here's one last picture of Max. I'm so glad he lives near me so that I can meet him right away. (Do you think he'll mind if I call him "Max?" I think Maximus is a tricky name to say.) Posted by Picasa

Here is Maximus with my mommy. Mommy went to see him while I was asleep and Daddy stayed home with me. (I have a great dad!) Posted by Picasa

Guess what! Lucas and Cherissa had their baby, and he's a BOY! His name is Maximus William. He was 6 lbs., 15 oz., 19" long. Here he his with his mommy. Posted by Picasa

I guess Nathan's mommy and daddy like to take sleeping pictures of their baby, just like my mommy and daddy. Posted by Picasa

Here is a picture of my friend who was born yesterday. His name is Nathan. I hope I get to meet him soon! He was 8 lbs., 4 oz., 20 1/2" long. Welcome to the world, Nathan! Posted by Picasa

One more tooth, but still no little buddy...

I have two more very important things to tell you. The first one is that my second top tooth has broken through, even though you can't see it.

The second important thing is that Lucas and Cherissa have not had my little buddy yet. They've been at the hospital for a really long time...and I really want to meet my new friend. We're praying that the baby gets here soon!

Two new buddies for me...

I'm excited to tell you that some new little buddies are being born just for me! Yesterday, Nathan William was born. Nathan lives far away with his mommy and daddy, Mark and Jennie, but maybe we can take a big trip and meet him sometime.

I have another little buddy who will hopefully be born today. This baby's mommy & daddy, Lucas & Cherissa, are in the hospital here waiting for him/her to come. We don't know whether a girl or boy is coming or what the baby will be named, so it's going to be a big surprise. I just can't wait! I hope it's a boy, but no matter what it is, the more friends I have around here, the better.

I'm learning to be a Husker the best way I know how: by tasting a football. Posted by Picasa

All the playing I've been doing lately just wears me out. As you can see, I was having a great time in my crib and fell asleep right in the middle of it. Posted by Picasa

I just love playing with Daddy! Posted by Picasa

Daddy's teaching me about football. It's so much fun! Posted by Picasa

Another Tooth!

I had another tooth pop through today! It's my first top tooth to come through. Since you can't see it yet, I thought I'd tell you that it's there so that you know about it.

Learning to Obey

Today, it happened. (And Mommy would say, "It finally happened.") I was crawling over to the outlets in the wall because I wanted to touch the really cool covers Mommy put on them. I love those covers, but Mommy always says, "Jonathan, no, don't touch." This time, I turned around when she said my name, and I didn't touch the outlet covers - even though I really wanted to. Mommy got pretty excited about that and told me I had obeyed her. Now I know what obeying is!

I tried to go over and touch the outlet covers a couple of other times to see what Mommy would do. She still said, "Jonathan, no, don't touch." And I obeyed her. Up until today, I had been listening to her, but she didn't know it.

Tomorrow, I'll try it again and see if she still tells me "No." I might obey her again to see if it still make her excited...or I might just think about it.

I just took a bath, and Mommy got me dried off with my towel that has my name on it. I can't read my name yet, but I'm sure I'll figure out how to do that soon. Posted by Picasa

See Baby Ira

My posts are usually all about me, but today I need to tell you about Baby Ira. If you go over to the right, you'll see where Mommy put a link to his blog. He has his own movie today, September 22. I watched it with Daddy. We are thinking about Baby Ira a lot and praying for him a lot. He is still in the hospital! Mommy and Daddy and I hope you'll go to his September 22 post to see his movie, and we hope you'll pray for him, too.

I have never met Lou and Lionel, but they must like me anyway 'cause they send me great stuff. This moose was in my package from them today. He makes noises when you squeeze his tummy. Posted by Picasa

Some friends of Grandma and Grandpa sent me a package today, and it cheered me up. I can't read yet, so Mommy read me the note from them and told me that the friends are Lou and Lionel. Thanks, Lou and Lionel! Posted by Picasa

But, being sick doesn't stop me from getting comfy when I sleep. (Mommy never can resist taking pictures of my toes! She thinks they're cute.) Posted by Picasa

I don't like feeling sick. It makes me kind of gloomy. Posted by Picasa

The Good News and the Bad News

OK, I'll start with the bad news first. I have a cold. That's why you haven't seen any cute pictures of me lately-I'm not very cute when snot is dripping out of my nose. It's yucky.

Daddy says I caught my cold from him, and he's so sorry. I don't remember catching it, though. I remember him playing catch with me and the football, and I tried to catch that. I just don't remember playing catch with a cold. Maybe it's not the same thing.

Here's the good news: I might get to be as tall as Uncle Todd, just like I've been planning to do. Grandma was looking at Uncle Todd's baby book and found the part about his 9-month checkup. When he was nine months old, Uncle Todd was four pounds heavier than me, but guess what! He was more than an inch shorter!

Uncle Todd is my tallest relative, and it's hard to imagine he was ever as little as me. And it's really, really hard to imagine that I might be as tall as him someday. But, I'm sure going to try my hardest!

First, I need to get rid of this cold. Maybe I can throw it to Mommy.

I knew I could get this thing off if I tried hard enough. Posted by Picasa

I'm working on something here. You're breaking my concentration. Posted by Picasa

Since we had a little cool weather yesterday, Mommy got out some fall clothes for me to wear. Don't I look like a big boy? This shirt is one that Grandma brought for me when I was first born. Mommy didn't really believe I'd ever get this big, but guess what...I'm big now! Posted by Picasa

Whee, going for a walk is fun! Posted by Picasa

Today it was all dark and gloomy when I took Mommy for a walk, so she put my fuzzy red hoodie on me. A nice lady named Joy gave it to me before I was even born. It kept me cozy today! Posted by Picasa

I sure like going visiting with Mommy. Let's do it again tomorrow! Posted by Picasa

OK, I'm done! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed here! Posted by Picasa

She's getting to be a big girl, huh? She's learning to sit up like me! Posted by Picasa