When we found out that Mommy was going to have a baby, Ms. Jen suggested that Mommy borrow her maternity clothes.  Mommy is so thankful!  ("Such cute stuff!" Mommy says.)  I'm thankful, too, because this tub that held Ms. Jen's clothes is a perfect place to snuggle in and rest.


We ran into Eva and Stewart-here they are with their mommy.

And here are Eva and I with out daddies.



"We're snuggly ladybugs today."

More love.

"Daddy, will you hold me?

Tonight's Quote

While eating french toast:

"Can I have some more of that parmesan sugar?"

In the Mountains

Here are some pictures of our time in the mountains with Uncle Garth and Aunt Kathy. Ooops, we didn't mean for the pictures to turn out so big, but Mommy doesn't want to go back and redo them please bear with us.

We had a great time sleeping in the comfy beds in the comfy cabin.  One night, Daddy and I pitched a tent way back behind the cabin because we had originally planned to camp.  (Mommy was not in the mood to camp, but I am not sure why.)  I had a great time sleeping in the tent with my dad.

Uncle Garth and Aunt Kathy's cabin has a swinging front door and a swinging back door, so I spent a lot of time making a loop in and out of their cabin and wearing a path on the loop.  I also spent a lot of time shadowing and chatting with my aunt and uncle.  It was great.  I also ate the best hamburger ever-probably the only one I have ever finished and asked for more.  Uncle Garth cooked it.

We visited the little lake near the cabin.  Isn't this a neat little boat?  I didn't get to try it out.

Climbing out!

I suggested that we go on a boat.  Luckily, my dad has a soft heart for little boys and rented a paddle boat for our family.

I loved boating!  I think this was my first time on a boat.

After our night in the tent, I came inside and felt a little chilly.  Here are Daddy and I warming up.

This looks like a huge hike, but really we're just a little ways into the rocks and didn't go any farther.  Pretty amazing, huh?

I like rocks.

And I like water.  I love throwing rocks into the water, but people were fly fishing and Daddy said we shouldn't disturb them.

Here's a little friend we made on our hike.  I had a great time at the cabin in the mountains, and I was really upset that we had to leave.  I wanted to stay!  Thanks for having us, Uncle Garth and Aunt Kathy!

First Baby Picture

Today, Mommy and Daddy went to the doctor to get a picture of our baby. When Mommy came home, she wondered if I would like to see the picture. I was having too much fun with Samantha and was not interested.  Even though this blog is mostly about me, Mommy thought my readers would be interested in the baby's picture, so here it is!

We don't own a scanner, so this is a picture of a picture.  (Any local buddies have a scanner?)  You can try to imagine that the glare above the baby's head is not there.  Mommy says that she and Daddy got to see all the baby's parts, and the baby is kicking and wiggling, even though it's still just two inches long.  They are really thankful that the baby seems to be doing well.  Mommy has another appointment in two weeks where the midwife will tell her how she thinks the baby's pictures look and how the baby is doing.  Thank you to everyone for all your prayers for our baby!

What I Did Over the Weekend

I'll blog more about it later, but this big grin tells you I had a great time.  We went to see Uncle Garth and Aunt Kathy at their cabin.

What I Did Last Monday

Ate breakfast with crazy hair...

Dusted everything made of wood...

Made cool bead necklaces.  After that, we found out about grandma's shoulder.  You probably know that it's a rare day that I get to wear my PJs for very long.  On that day, I spent the day at the hospital in my pajamas.  Luckily, Mommy was already dressed.

We hadn't even uploaded pictures for a week!  We have lots to blog about, and we'll try to catch up today.

Mr. Responsible

"Did we bring Tikki-Tikki Tembo back to the library?"  [I'm pretty sure we had this one about a year ago.]  "And did we bring Bear and the Big Blue House back to the library?  And did we bring the crane book back to the library?  We had the crane book when I was two.  We had the crane book when I was two awhile ago."


We listen to Norah Jones a lot at home, but I didn't know she knew Elmo...maybe one of these days, my parents will start letting me watch Sesame Street.

What My Parents Will Miss

Here are some things that I say now that my parents will miss someday:

"Highering" instead of "raising"

"To-deg-ther" for "together"

"Goed" for "went"

Using "will" and "may" together.  As in, "We will may have to get some groceries."

"Benember" for "remember"

"Tooken" for "taken"

And I'm sure they'll really miss the fact that I refuse to sing.  For any reason.

Grandma's Shoulder

My nearby grandma had a big fall on Monday. She was up on a ladder that fell out from under her, and she fell, too. She landed on the cement on her right shoulder, and here's what happened.

The ambulance took grandma to the hospital that morning, and we spent a lot of our day at the hospital, too.  The short story is that Grandma spent the night at the hospital and got to go home yesterday.  I've been really worried about her and I'm thankful that she got to go home.  If you want the longer, more detailed story, you can ask my mom.  Even though Grandma's shoulder is going to be hurting for a long time, we're thankful that it wasn't something more serious that got broken.

From Mommy

Hi everyone,

I think this is the first, and likely the last, post I'll write related to politics.

Some people might be wondering about Obama's stance on when life begins since, in a recent interview, he replied that the question was "above his pay grade."  However, his voting record makes his answer to the question very clear.  Please take a moment to read the short post at The Roebuck Report which also links to the riveting article at National Review.

Helping Daddy

Daddy didn't feel so good at the end of last week, so here's how I helped him.  I snuggled with him to help him feel better, and I connected the phone cord to each of us so he couldn't get away.

Congratulations Cake

Our friend, Ms. Leslie, came over with this gift for Mommy.  I thought it might be for Daddy's birthday, but it's actually for the baby.   And it's not what you think.  It's a cake made of mashed potatoes and piped with butter.  Ms. Leslie knows that sweets are not Mommy's thing these days, but potatoes are, so she made her a congratulations cake from potatoes.  Daddy thinks it's silly, but I tried it, and it's yummy!  Thanks, Ms. Leslie!

Twelve-Cent Fish

One thing I didn't tell you about my fish that I won at the carnival is that when it came time to name them, I told Mommy that they should be named Little Fishy and Little Fishy.  Mommy convinced me to choose a different name for my second fish, which is how it came to be named Fish Fish.  And we all know what happened to Little Fishy.

I spent some time being sad that Little Fishy was dead, and then I realized that Fish Fish was lonely and needed a new friend.  I asked Mommy and Daddy about it, and they agreed.  So, today, we went to the pet store.  Daddy kept thinking I needed all kinds of other things for Fish Fish, from a snake to an armadillo.  I insisted that I just needed a fish.  Then he suggested a Nemo fish, and I told him I only wanted a regular fish.  Mommy was relieved.

When we got to the store, I went straight to the tank with goldfish and asked for a little gray one.  The nice man got it out and put it in a bag for me.  Mommy and Daddy thought I should name the new fish friend.  Of course, I thought it should be named Fish Fish, just like its friend.  My parents persuaded me to choose a different name, so I chose Fish Fish Fish.

The two fish friends seem very happy together.  Fish Fish Fish (the gray one at the top of the tank, below) is more interested in eating than Little Fishy was, so I hope he'll be healthy and live for a long time.

A Pink Kitchen?

When Mommy and I go to Target, we usually walk through the toy section.  Lately, my favorite thing has been giving hugs to Schleich animals.  This week, we noticed that Target is already putting out extra toys for Christmas.  Amazing.  Unfortunately, where my blue wooden play kitchen was last year, there's a pink one in its place!  It's a nice kitchen and everything, but as you know, there are probably no little boys in the world who will get that kitchen for Christmas.  Grandparents are kitchen-givers, I think, and I can't think of any grandparents who would give a pink kitchen to a boy.  Sorry, little buddies, kitchens are just for girls this year!  You can come to my house and cook in my blue kitchen.

Ira Speaks

If you've been following Ira's story for the past three years but haven't checked in on him lately, take a few moments to see him here.  He's come such a long way!

Little Fishy and Fish Fish

Almost a month ago, I won two little fish here.  We keep forgetting to blog about them.

After my fish came home, they lived in a big glass bowl of Mommy's until we got them a home of their own.  Daddy had the smart idea to go to the dollar store and choose a vase and some glass marbles for them.  I chose bean-shaped marbles.  For $2, we got a great home for my fish, who I named Fish Fish and Little Fishy.  Little Fishy was small and orange, and Fish Fish was big and gray.  They lived happily on my dresser for a few weeks, and I made sure there were always a couple of cars parked next to their tank.

Today, we discovered that Little Fishy died.  He hadn't been eating well or growing like Fish Fish had, but I didn't know that he would die.  In fact, I'm not sure that I really understand what dying is.  But, we thought it would be a good idea to show you a picture of Fish Fish.  You can use your imagination to think of Little Fishy.  And I'll try to figure out what it means that he's not alive now.

I Got Tagged!

We got tagged by Jamey for this meme!  Here are the rules:

1) Link to the person who tagged me.
2) Mention the rules.
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.
4) Tag 6 other blogger's by linking to them.
5) Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

1.  I call my playhouse the "Inchionalnational Park."

2.  I will NOT talk about giving the baby a nickname for while it's inside Mommy's tummy.  I know that I had a nickname, but  this baby does not need one.  Anytime anyone brings up the subject, I tell them that we should give the baby a REAL name when it comes OUT.  That's all I can say about that.

3.  I am very into details, and I like things a certain way.  I have always been that way.  The most recent example:  Mommy had two kitchen drawers open as she was putting away clean dishes.  I walked over to the drawers to help her make sure that they were open exactly the same amount.  When I was a baby, our kitchen was next to the laundry room.  If Mommy fed me my baby food while the laundry room door was slightly open, I would fuss until she'd close it for me.

4.  Each day, I like to be a different animal.  I am the baby animal, and Mommy is the mommy.  Today we are toads.

5.  I am a dominant lefty.  What could be better?

6.  I like to sleep a certain way.  Right now it's like this.

I'm tagging Ava, Caleb, Ella, Graham, Maximus, and Sage.  I have more than six little buddies, so...other little buddies, if you read this, consider yourself tagged, too!  Our apologies to our other buddies who have tagged us before and we haven't responded.  :)

God's Surprise

For a really, really long time, I've been praying that God would send a baby to our family.

Not very long ago, Daddy reminded me of the story of Abraham and Sarah. They prayed and prayed for a baby. And then, even though they were very old, God surprised them with a baby. If you don't know the story, you can read it right here in my Storybook Bible.

Daddy and Mommy and I had been thinking that we would adopt our baby.  But, God surprised us, and he grew a tiny baby in Mommy's tummy instead!  (And they're not even as old as Abraham and Sarah.)  When Daddy and Mommy told me about God's surprise, I got a big smile on my face, and I said, "May I please see it."  I learned that I can't see it yet, but I can pat the baby while it's inside of Mommy's tummy.  

Just about every day, I ask Mommy, "May I please see how big the baby is," and then Mommy shows me with her fingers.  And then I say, "May I please give the baby a pat-pat."  And of course Mommy lets me.

I got to tell some of my grandparents about our baby on the phone.  I said, "There's a tiny baby growing in Mommy's tummy.  God surprised us with a baby!"  We are all very excited.

Even though she's excited, Mommy has not been feeling well lately.  She has been laying on the couch a lot.  I have been helped her by asking her if she'd like to get covered with a blanket.  Then, if I have something to say to her while she's resting, I only whisper, since we all know that whispering will not wake someone up.  She has been eating and drinking strange things to make her tummy feel better, and she's been sleeping during my nap.  She says she has started to feel a little better during the last couple of days.

Today, Mommy and Daddy got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time.  They cried tears of joy, which is something that only grownups do.  They have been telling me lots of stories about what it was like when I was the one in Mommy's tummy.  The baby is about an inch long now from its head to its bottom, and we have to wait until after I'm four to see it-probably at the beginning of March.  For now, we are praying that the baby will be safe and healthy.  We still want to adopt a baby into our family someday, but in the meantime, we're super excited about this one:  God's surprise.

Daddy's Birthday

On Friday, Daddy had his 34th birthday.  I helped him celebrate, and so did the friends at his work, and so did family and other friends.  Everybody helped Daddy have a great birthday.  Luckily, he brought home his balloons so that I could play with them.  Here I am, first thing in the morning, wearing my PJs.

Mommy and I gave Daddy two cookbooks for his birthday:  a Thai cookbook and an Indian cookbook.  One great thing about where we live is that we can find lots of interesting ingredients at our regular grocery store, and there are also lots of little international markets that carry all kinds of exotic things.  Daddy used some new flavors to make us a fantastic dinner.

You might not know that my dad has been saving for a Wii since Christmas.  He finally saved enough to get one and found one on Craigslist.  So, we spent some time learning to use it.  My parents are not great at following directions, though.  When we turned on the Wii, there were directions on the TV for making sure that the safety strap of the control is around your wrist.  Mommy and Daddy ignored those directions, so I showed them what to do.  After that, I mostly watched them play.  I think I'll learn how to play soon...when I'm four.

"We are Sea Turtles Eating Kelp."

One More Thing

(As I was drawing on Daddy's white board at work, and trying to put the markers and eraser back)

Daddy:  Can you put the eraser back where it goes?

Jonathan:  I can't because the crayons are in the way.  I'm having issues with the eraser.

Another Quote

"I have an idea for you, Daddy.  Mommy and I need you to stay home with us."

Tonight's Quote

Daddy:  Jonathan, would you like some cantaloupe?

Jonathan:  I'm getting the garages connected.

D:  I know, but would you like some cantaloupe?

J:  I'm getting the garages connected.  I can't do two things at once.

Family Saturday

On Saturday, my dad had the whole day off, which is rare for his busy season.  So, we decided to get out of town for the day and have some adventures!  We even put on pants, jackets, and tennis shoes.   I hadn't worn regular shoes in such a long time that I didn't realize mine were too small.  I got to wear new ones in a bigger size that had been waiting in my closet.

We started out our day in the City.  Here I am watching the sea lions.

And here are the sea lions talking to each other.

I got to ride an old, mostly-broken merry-go-round.  I used to say "mer-gy-o-round," but I say it the regular way now.

Mommy and I had a fun ride!

I loved watching the waves.

We saw a juggler perform, and Mommy and Daddy had some clam chowder in breadbowls.  I had grilled cheese on sourdough bread.

Here I am enjoying modern art, which I call "the curly-twirly."  My favorite part of the City was seeing the trolleys.  I don't mean cable cars, I mean trolley cars like this.

After the city, we went to the beach but forgot our camera in the car.  We were some of the only people wearing pants and shoes, but we didn't mind.  The beach was crowded but the waves were beautiful.

Finally, we went to see some big trees.  It was very shady in the forest.

I'm looking for fish.

I climbed inside this tree...

and this one.

I love trees.

After all this adventuring, we were really hungry for dinner.  We stopped at a Whole Foods on the way home, since we had never been to one before.  They have a place in their grocery store where you can buy food that's ready to eat, so we decided to do that.  You know how I love pasta, so Mommy and I decided to share a little container of macaroni and cheese.  It looked delicious.  The nice man gave it to us, and Mommy was shocked to see that the tag on the container said $13.99.  Yes, we had to pay $13.99 for macaroni and cheese.  My poor mom nearly fell over.  We ended up paying the price of a nice meal for our grocery store food.  Mommy and Daddy learned all about Whole Foods, didn't they?  Our food was really delicious, though!  We had a great day as a family, and we sure were happy that Daddy had the day off.  

I have been asking Daddy almost every morning, "Would you like to stay home with us all day long, Daddy?"  And even though we weren't at home, we got to see Daddy all day.  It was great.