Grandma's Flute

My grandma is here visiting because my great-grandma is her mom. I'm really happy that she's here! Today she showed me a new music-making thing called a flute.

Here is the flute. It has a lot of buttons to push. Grandma calls them keys, but they are really buttons.

When Grandma blows into it, it plays songs, so I think I'll give that a try.

I really like it when Grandma plays songs for me!

Boots Made For Walkin'

I decided that I needed to check out Daddy's hiking boots, and that I needed to do that in the doorway of the bathroom.

Is there a reason why you're watching me?

What could be more interesting than Daddy's boot laces?

Exploring makes me happy!

Goodbye to My Great Grandma

I am writing to tell you some sad news. Last night, I said "goodbye" to my great grandma for the last time. I will really miss visiting her after my nap each day! Great Grandma had been resting and resting and resting in the hospital for a few days, and then it was time for her to go to heaven to meet Jesus and see my great grandpa. It had been exactly six years since Great Grandpa went to heaven, and that's a really long time to be apart from someone! I never met Great Grandpa, but I hear that we would have made each other laugh. We all love Great Grandma and will miss her so much. Here are some pictures of happy times with her.

Here is Great Grandma with my mommy and daddy and my uncle Mel and aunt Jan. They put up Great Grandma's Christmas tree just a couple of weeks before I was born. I'm not sure how Mommy was managing to keep me inside her tummy at this point.

Here I am meeting Great Grandma for the first time when I was four days old.

Here we are when I was seven months old. Great Grandma and I gave each other lots of smiles. I will miss her!

Playing With Emma Claire

Guess what! Emma Claire came over to play with me today, thanks to her nice mommy, Ms. Caroline. I'm so glad that I got to share my big toys with another friend. Our mommies are so silly. As soon as we started to play, they both pulled out their cameras and got ready for us to be cute.

Here we are playing in my house.

As you can see, Emma Claire and I were not really concerned about posing for pictures.

Playing With Caleb

Guess what! My buddy, Caleb, came over to play before Mommy and Daddy put all these great toys away. His mommy, Ms. Amanda, was so nice to bring him over. I think she came just to talk to Mommy, but Caleb and I had a much better time than the mommies did. Just look, and you'll see what I mean!

Caleb is giving me a ride in my boat...

and sharing the green balls with me.

Caleb even read the Daddy Book and the gorilla book with me. Here we are reading-or at least, trying to read...

Here we are doing the actual reading of my gorilla book. (Mommy says this is From Head to Toe by Eric Carle. Whatever, Mommy, it's still my gorilla book.)

Open Invitation #2

Here is another message to all my little buddies: I thought I had hit the jackpot when Mommy and Daddy got out my boat, but there's MORE! They also got out my clubhouse, crawl tube, and tent! They usually hide this stuff from me. Come over, quick, before they change their minds!

(Almost) Happy Haircut

Today, I got my hair cut again, and I finally taught Mommy and Daddy how to make sure I only cry a little bit instead of a lot. I even learned how to say haircut: "hai-cuh." Here are some things that made this haircut almost happy:

  • I didn't have to wear the scary haircut cape
  • I got to hold my calculator
  • I ate yummy crackers during the haircut
  • I had a really nice haircutter
I hope they remember all this stuff next time so that my next haircut is happy, too!

Open Invitation

This post is written to all my little buddies out there. As you can see, I'm in my new boat full of balls that my uncle Mel and aunt Jan gave to me. They know just how to make a little guy happy, because sometimes, they celebrate my month-birthdays and don't wait until my year-birthdays. Anyway, there's lots of room for more friends in my boat. Come on over and play! (And you better hurry, because Mommy and Daddy say that we don't get to leave the boat out all the time!)


I figured out how to put one of these things on!

I Drool for Electronics

(I drool for a lot of other things, too...)

Helping Mommy

Mommy decided that since I make a lot of clothes dirty, and I'm going to keep doing that for a long time, I might as well learn how to get them clean. So, today I got to help her do the laundry.

I got to stand up on this big bucket and put all the dirty things in the washer. I also got to put some wet, clean things in the dryer.

Maybe next time I'll get to help with the soap!


No Comment

Here's a little note from my mom:

Hi Jonathan fans, I have just made it a little more difficult to make comments on Jonathan's blog. I received an unkind comment (which I deleted!) from an anonymous visitor, so I set the blog to accept comments only from registered users. If you'd like to make a comment and aren't registered with Blogspot, you can register for a name easily (and it's free.) We love your comments!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about Jonathan's adventures and keep up with his life. I'm sure the next post will be more fun than this one!

Jonathan's mom

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day today to my daddy and my grandpas. I hope you all have a special day!

I have to let you know that I love my daddy so much. If I got to choose any daddy in the whole world, he is the one I'd choose. To make my daddy's day special, I gave him some special books to read to me. Here we are reading The Daddy Book...

and here we are reading Daddy and Me.

(My fingers help me read better, especially before breakfast.)

Happy Birthday, Paul

Today, we helped my buddy, Paul, celebrate his first birthday. He caught on to the cake thing much more quickly than I did. Happy birthday, little buddy!

Swimming Again!

Tonight, Caleb and I went swimming again. This time, we brought our home fellowship group with us. We even got to stay up past our bedtimes.

Since Daddy was with us, I got to go down the big slides with him lots of times. I loved it and kept asking for more! When I went down with Mommy, we lost our balance and we both went underwater. But I came back up and signed, "More!" I love the big slides.

Wheeee!!! I laughed all the way down the slide.

Splash! More, Daddy, more!

I didn't like the giant mushroom waterfall quite as much as I liked the slides.

Time to go home and go to bed!

Today's Highlights

Nap, sweet nap...

After my nap, Mommy and I went to the post office, and we had to wait in a really long line. Mommy wouldn't let me run around and meet all the people. It was terrible. When we finally got to the front of the line, I decided to grab the post office lady's pen and stick it in my ear. Unfortunately, I missed!

Whenever I catch Mommy sitting down, I bring her lots of toys and books to play with.

Can you tell who did my post-bath hairdo tonight? I'll give you a hint: It wasn't Mommy!


I love my farm. I play with it every day!

I'm disobeying...are you going to stop me?


Caleb and I went swimming today! Here we are before our swim. There are no swimming pictures because you know how my mom is about keeping track of me around water. We may never have a swimming picture of me because she follows me around constantly!

Anyway, Caleb and I had a great time. He looks tired in the picture because he really is tired-he didn't have a great nap today- but I was still so glad that he came. Let's go swimming again soon!

18-month checkup

Since I am going to be 18 months old tomorrow, Mommy and Daddy took me in to the doctor today so that the doctor could look at all of my parts. I was so happy that Daddy came, because he let me explore the exam room and play with the doctor's toys. Mommy thinks they are yucky and is afraid that I will get sick from all the germs at the doctor's office. I had a great time playing with those "yucky" toys!

Anyway, the nurse weighed me on the grownup scale, and with all my clothes on, I weigh 32 lbs., but I weigh 30 lbs. on the baby scale when I'm naked. And, I'm 34 3/4" tall. I guess my growth is slowing down, because during my first year, I grew nine inches, but this year, I've only grown 2 3/4 inches. My weight is catching up with my height, though. I'm above the 95th percentile in height, and just below the 95th percentile in weight. I'm not a skinny guy anymore! The doctor and Mommy and Daddy are happy with how I'm developing. The doctor says that the terrible twos start at 18 mos. and gave lots of discipline advice. We'll see whether it works on me! I'm thinking of lots of ways to keep my mom and dad on their toes starting tomorrow, when I'll be 18 months old.

Remember how I was glad Daddy was with us? Well, I started to be not so glad, because he asked the doctor if it was time to get me to stop sucking my fingers. How could he say such a thing?! Thank goodness, the doctor said not to worry about it. (And nobody mentioned the important fingers on my other hand that I need to rub my neck.)

After all, I only need my "tired fingers" in my bed, in the car...

and in the doctor's office.

The family wall

Now that our living room is painted, we have completed the collection of pictures on our family wall. The middle picture is of Mommy and Daddy at their wedding reception. They look so young, don't they? The picture on the left is of our family, but you can't see my face because I'm hiding in Mommy's big tummy. Then, the picture on the right is the happiest one of all, because Mommy and Daddy and I are together and have been together for a whole year. (It was taken on my first birthday.) Now our picture collection is complete, don't you think?

The More, the Merrier

This morning when it was time to get up, my dad put some of my favorite friends in my crib with me.

I really like my crib, and I was so glad to have my friends in here with me.

Here I am snuggling with my friends and showing off my new truck pajamas from my grandma.

She also sent me these firetruck pajamas. My grandma knows just what a little guy needs for a good sleep.


I need to let you know that I can work any doorknob. Yahoo! The way my mom figured this out is kind of funny. When she talks on the phone, she walks around and watches me at the same time to make sure I don't get into trouble. (And I am such a good kid-do you know why she worries so much?)

Well, yesterday when she was talking, she realized that she could not find me anywhere. That's because I had opened the door to her Creative Memories room (which is always closed!) and let myself in. Then I closed the door behind myself. I didn't make a mess-I just wanted to play with the door! Mommy was very surprised.

Mommy and Daddy are going to try to teach me self-control so that I stay out of the rooms that are "not for kids." Maybe I will, and maybe I won't...

Visiting Paul

This weekend, we took a driving trip to see my little buddy, Paul. He used to live so far away that we had to ride an airplane to see him, but now he lives close enough (with his mom and dad) that we can visit him in the car. Mommy and Daddy and I are really happy about that.

Here are some pictures of our visit. We slept at Paul's house and even got to swim in his neighborhood pool! Thanks for sharing your toys with me, Paul!

Here I am in my new swim shirt and trunks getting ready to walk to the pool. I look so concerned because Paul is crying in the other room. Paul did not want to wear his swim shirt and trunks.

I LOVED the pool. Paul let me ride in his boat, and I had a great time. There are no pictures at the pool because Mommy said she had to keep track of me and not the camera. I did a great job keeping track of myself, so I'm not sure what she was so worried about.

(Also, Paul has great doorknobs like this all over his house, just like the ones at Emma Claire's house, and I can work every single one. I only know how to work three of the doorknobs at our house.)

After our swim in the big neighborhood pool, we went back home to Paul's house and took a swim in his little pool in the bathroom. Or, maybe it was just a really big tub. I'm not sure. Anyway, we pretty cute, don't we? We kept the mommies and daddies entertained.

Paul is almost one year old, so he thinks I'm a big guy since I'm almost one and a half. As you can see, I like being admired.

"You wash my back, and I'll wash yours."

Oh no, time to get out already?