Brinson and Ira!

I have some special news to share with you! Brinson arrived today, and he was 7 lbs., 2 oz., 17 3/4" long. His mom and dad, Shae and Bo, are so happy to have him. Welcome to the world, Brinson!

Also, Ira is still at home and was able to celebrate his birthday with his mom and dad. They are working hard to meet all of his needs at home.

You can check Brinson's blog and Ira's blog to keep up with them, and soon I'll show you more pictures so that you can keep up with me.

Sleeping Baby

I'm a big boy now, but sometimes when I sleep, I like to go back to being a little baby.


I love pasta...

and so does my hair!


This weekend while Grandma was here, I drew with crayons for the very first time. The last time I got to hold crayons, I wanted to eat them. Then Mommy put the crayons away!

This time, though, we were at a pizza place, and I got to eat my own pizza! But before that, our nice server gave me some crayons and paper. I learned how to draw with the crayons. Here I am trying out my new skill.

Here is my very first artwork. The dark squiggles were made by Mommy and Daddy, and the light ones were made by me. (Mommy and Daddy need to learn to color more softly.)

Photos from Grandma's Visit

Grandma took this picture of me, and Mommy and Daddy think it makes me look really old-maybe even three or four. What do you think?

This is my dad. Dad, you know that a little guy just wants to run around...will ya let me go run?

We do this a lot. I bring my truck book to Mommy so that she'll read it to me, and I crawl into her lap to look at all the beautiful trucks.

Here I am with Mommy and Daddy on the way to church. I would rather be running in the grass than posing for this picture.

Here we are visiting my great-grandma. I would rather be looking at the wheels on her chair than posing for this picture!

While Grandma was here, I had a playmate in the backseat of the car. See this truck I'm holding? Grandpa asked Grandma to get it for me, and a new tractor, too!

These are my ears.

Grandma always lets me look at her sparkly things.


Picture for a Busy Day

We had a very busy day yesterday and we have one coming up today, too. But, I know that all of my blog fans who are friends of Grandma are looking for a picture of her, so here's a good one. Soon, when our busy day is done, I'll show some more fun pictures to you.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to my grandma and took her to the airport, and that was very sad. I sure loved having her sit with me in the back seat, though! Thanks for coming to visit me, Grandma-come back soon!

We Have Our Garage Back

Well, the garage sale is finished, and Mommy and Daddy are happy. I guess other people liked our stuff, because they bought most of it, and Daddy gave the rest to charity. We are happy to have space for cars in our garage again. Jamey and Ava had a good garage sale, too. Maybe I'll ask them what it was like!

I had a great time playing with Grandma, and guess what, she's still here! We're having a great time playing with trucks and tractors together, and I'm sure I'll show you pictures soon. But, we had a big night with dinner at a restaurant, and I'm tired. I got to eat fried rice. Oh, how I love fried rice!

Soon I'll show you more pictures and have less talking...but for now...sleep!

Garage Sales and Grandmas

You might remember my first experience with a garage sale when I got my big truck. Well, today I'm having a different garage sale experience. All that great stuff that was collecting in our garage was there so that Mommy and Daddy could sell it today and tomorrow.

The strange thing is, I'm not invited. Today, I got to go play with my tall friend, Rochelle, and tomorrow, my grandma is going to have adventures with me. (Did you know that there are two people named Grandma?) I'm not sure why I'm not invited to my own garage sale. Ava and Jamey are having one this weekend, too, and I think they get to be invited. Why not me? I think it has something to do with how big I am. Ava and Jamey can't run...yet.

I guess I'll just be glad to get to play with Rochelle and Grandma. And, I'll be watching Jamey's blog to see what he thinks about being invited.


Everyone likes watching me grow bigger, so I thought I'd show some pictures of me doing that! The first one is of me in September, and the second one is of me now. I am getting so big! Do you think I was cuter then, or now?

...and Bigger

Even though I am getting bigger, I still like to go exploring under my crib. I barely fit, though!

Here I am having a great time crawling in and out of my car seat. I used it as a baby, and Emma Claire used it as a baby, but now we're both bigger and we just like to play in it.

Here I am showing another way that I am getting bigger. My pajamas are getting too short, and my hair is getting too long. As you can see, I am squinting because this was the second sleeping picture that my mommy tried to take. I stayed asleep like a good sport, but my eyes still squnited.

Chickie and Blankie

Come here, chickie!

OK, maybe not quite that close.

Here, chickie, take a drink!

Where did I go?

I love my train blankie.

Ira is Home!

Finally! Click here to see his homecoming post.

Walking Buddies

Finally, all of my walking buddies are getting big and can face forward in their strollers. Here is a picture of us walking together: me, Jamey, Spike, and Ava. (We were missing Nash today!) As you can see, we did not want to pose because our moms made us look into the sunshine. I wonder what they were thinking!

Mommy and I are really thankful to have so many friends to take walks with who also live close by. All of us kids have a great time strolling together while our moms talk and walk (but mostly talk.) If you ever want to join us, we walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 in the morning. See you then!

If you want to read what Jamey had to say about our walk today, you can click here.

What Else Is Going On?

I told you I'd update you on our air conditioner, so I need to let you know that Mommy and Daddy decided to buy a new one instead of keep the broken one. I think they care more about keeping our house cool than about me having warm, cozy naps. I guess that's OK, because the weather is going to be really hot this week!

Here's what else has been going on:

Just for fun, sometimes I'll crawl down the hall for a few strokes just like I did when I was a baby. It's a whole lot slower than walking, but it makes my mom and dad laugh!

This was my bouncy seat when I was a baby, but now that I'm big, it's my rocking chair. I love climing in and out of it.

I've been spending a lot of time outside with my dad lately. Here we are sitting on my bench. I think he's a little too tall for it, but I share it with him anyway.


Today was such an exciting day! There were plenty of good things that happened, like getting one more molar for a total of ten teeth, but that was not important compared to the GREAT thing that happened today. Here it is: Daddy and Mommy took me to a tractor show! We saw lots and lots of BIG tractors all in one place, and I even got to drive some of them. I could hardly believe it! My mom and dad have been really paying attention to what I like. We all had so much fun, but it seemed like Mommy and Daddy were having fun watching me instead of having fun looking at the tractors. I didn't really understand that!

I can't even describe how wonderful the tractors were, so here are the pictures. I wish you could have been there with me!


It's hot at our house. Not hot like the oven so that you can't touch it, but hot because our air conditioner broke. It makes Mommy and Daddy cranky. I guess it makes me cranky, too, but I sure had a good nap! I was warm and cozy in my bed. Soon I get to go to Delaney's house across the street to play because her air conditioner works. Maybe ours should stay broken so that I get to visit my friends more! I'll let you know what happens next.

Where's Jonathan?


Sixteen Months!

I know it's hard to believe, but here I am, 16 months old! Just think, the next time I have a birthday with 16 in it, I'll have my driver's license! Even though I'm not quite that big yet, I'm doing lots of big guy things. I got my second molar yesterday (for a total of nine teeth) and I want to eat everything Mommy and Daddy eat. I can also...

hold my own cup like the big kids do...

and climb onto my very own bench.

I'm learning to relax for very, very short amounts of time.

And, here I am driving my new tractor that Daddy gave to me. My dad knows just how to make a little guy happy.

A New Little Buddy

On Thursday, my new little buddy, Gabriel Aidan, was born. He is the little brother of some of my bigger friends, Victoria, Christine, and Nathan. (Maybe if I ask my mom and dad, they'll give me some older brothers and sisters just like Gabriel's.) Gabriel was 7 lbs, 4 oz., 19" long. Yesterday, Mommy and I went to see him and his mommy. He was born in the same hospital where I was born! At least, that's what I hear-but I don't remember.

Welcome to the world, Gabriel! We're so glad you're here!

Here I am checking out my new little buddy. I didn't even cry when mommy held him! I wanted to pat his face, but Mommy didn't let me. I am doing better with not being so jealous of Mommy's arms.

Here is Gabriel with his Mommy. He is so cute!

Shopping All Morning!

Today, Caleb and I had an adventure. We went consignment shopping with our moms, and it took all morning long. Even though little boys don't like shopping very much, Caleb and I didn't complain. We did a really good job. Just ask the mommies!

Here are pictures of us eating our lunch together. Mommy drives a car that won't fit our regular strollers in the trunk, so we brought these little ones without trays. That meant that we all sat down together for lunch, which was more fun than eating from a tray! I did such a good job sharing with Caleb. I gave him some goldfish, and some grapes, and even some cheese. Now maybe Mommy won't make me take sharing lessons!

Caleb has a mouth just like I do.

I was much more concerned with keeping my mouth full of grapes and cheese than I was about smiling for a picture!

Just Another Day

It was a good day, and it was filled with all the usual things...

Looking cute...

Trying to stop Mommy from brushing my teeth...

Getting a new perspective on things...

and remembering that I'm almost done being a baby, but not quite.