I love riding on Daddy's back while we go hiking together.

I'm in my box, now give me a ride!

Now my monkey wants a ride, too.

Missing Pieces

Where do puzzle pieces go? In the dirty clothes hamper, of course. That's where Legos go, too. Here are some pictures of me putting the puzzle pieces where they go.

Open and Close

Here's one of my favorite new games. I like to open and close things. The best things to open and close are doors and drawers. I like to do it over and over and over. I hardly ever pinch my fingers, but when I do, I remember to be more careful! Drawers are more fun than doors, because doors get stuck closed, and that makes me so mad that I have to cry.

A Great Gift

Here's something that I've been wanting to show you for a long time now, but I just hadn't had a picture yet. This is my growth chart that our good friends, the Kretzers, gave to me for my birthday. Every year on my birthday, Mommy and Daddy can mark how tall I am. So far, they can mark 23" for my first birthday and 32" for what's called my first birthday but was really my second one. As you can see in the picture, I'm a little bit taller than 32" now-if you count my hair.

Still Waiting

Daddy has not been home with Mommy and me this week. We really miss him. I keep waiting for him to come home. I am trying so hard to be patient! Mommy says he is coming home to be with us today. Do you think I'll see him if I watch long enough?

It's Not What You Think

This is not my bib.

It's my superhero cape.

I may not be a baby anymore...

but I still love my toes!

I think it's a pretty funny joke to smile with squinty eyes and a wrinkly nose for the camera.

Playing at Sam's House

Today, Mommy and I had a great adventure. We went to Sam and Katherine's house. Sam has the best toys of anybody I know, and he shared them with me! He is a really big guy to understand how that works. We had a great time.

The only bad thing was that I had another experience with that feeling of "jealousy" that I told you about. When Sam and I were playing, Mommy decided to play with Sam and not me. She was even letting him sit in MY spot in her lap, and she was reading a book to him, and not ME! That made me so jealous that I started to cry. If getting big means having lots of different kinds of feelings, this is going to be hard work.

Anyway, we really did have a fun time together, and here are some pictures of the fun we had. I hope to play with Sam again soon!

Mommy and Aunt Anna say, "Yep, parallel play. This would be a great example for a Human Growth and Development text!" Can anyone understand what they are talking about? Sam and I don't. We are staying busy playing next to each other.

Aunt Anna, you are so funny!

Hands are for Crawling

While Jamey and his parents were here, I decided to use my hands for crawling. They make me even faster than before! Everyone said I was fast already....

But with my hands, nobody will be able to catch me! I'll be able to go exploring in the bathroom, unload the grownup bookshelves, unplug the computer, get under the kitchen sink...Yeah!

Sometimes, I'll still use my elbows and do my trademark "army crawl" that everyone thinks is so cute.

Friends and Football

Today, my friend Jamey brought his parents over to our house so that we could watch football together. Unfortunately, our team lost, but Jamey and I both napped during part of the game, so it wasn't too upsetting for us. I think I did a good job sharing my toys with him. I wanted to touch his eyes and nose and mouth, but all Mommy let me touch was his nose. Here we are with our dads, and our moms are taking pictures.

I experienced a new feeling while Jamey was here. It happened when we were playing in the living room and Mommy was saying cute and sweet things to Jamey and not me. I felt sad inside and I had to crawl over to Mommy and make sure she remembered to say cute and sweet things to ME. Remember ME, Mommy?! Mommy said this feeling is called jealousy. I don't like it very much, so maybe from now on, Mommy will remember me.

Visiting Little Buddies

Yesterday was a great day because I got to see two of my little buddies. In the morning, Jamey and his mom came over to play, and in the afternoon, Mommy and I went for a walk with Ava and her mom. (She is so cute. Now I have to decide whether I'll marry her or Emma Claire...) We all had a great time.

With all the little buddies around, Mommy got out some of my old baby stuff, like my bouncy seat and my Boppy. Do you know what a Boppy is for? Well, I'll tell you.

A Boppy is for hiding your tiny red wagon and then finding it again. It's a hilarious game, especially if you can get someone else to play it with you.

Where did it go?

THERE it is!!!

When I get done with that game, I like to go play with my talking chair.

Cheerios and Other Stuff

Feeding my dad is a great trick, and much more fun than feeding myself.

As you can see, he just loves Cheerios!

So many things make me laugh!

Someday, I WILL get that camera!

Emma Claire

I got to see my friend, Emma Claire, two days in a row this week. Isn't that great? We had a great time together. She's pretty cute, huh? If Mommy had warned me that she was coming over, I would have put on something else...like my spaceship pajamas.

Here I am playing with Emma Claire. Mommy said that I did not do a good job sharing. I wasn't trying to be selfish. It's just that, when Emma Claire plays with my toys, I remember how great they are, and then I have to play with them myself.

It's a good thing she wanted the blocks so that I could have the farm all to myself.

Emma Claire loves my footballs. Maybe we can play on the same team someday!

Here we are at her house. She has this great toy that has balls flying out of it. I always try to push the balls back in. It takes a lot of concentration.

Emma Claire's toys are so much fun!

I'm not sure what she was doing here. I couldn't really feel much through my diaper, so it didn't bother me. Our moms were watching us, and for some reason, they couldn't stop laughing.

Caleb likes to do the same thing. Do you know why?

Walking Things

Mommy and I got to take a walk earlier this week because the weather was nice, even though it's January. These pictures are of me wearing my new walking things from Grandma's friend, Donna. They keep me warm, but I'm not too sure what these things are on my hands!

Where did my hands go?

These are not yummy.

Caleb's First Birthday

Yesterday, Daddy and I had an adventure together. We went to Caleb's birthday party! Mommy couldn't come, so we had some bonding time. We got to see Caleb's CATS! We also saw Caleb. He's a big boy just like me now.

Some things happened at Caleb's house that I don't think Daddy planned. One was that, while I was exploring, I fell. My tooth cut my lip and made me cry, and while I was crying, my blood from my lip got on Daddy's shirt. The other was that I spilled Daddy's coffee on his shirt. (He made sure that Mommy knew that it wasn't hot enough to burn either of us.) But, don't worry, the stains came out of Daddy's shirt, and my lip doesn't bother me at all.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Caleb!

Caleb, you're getting all of that yucky, sticky frosting all over your hands! Doesn't that bother you?

All that partying wore me out.

A Day in the Life

I love walking with Daddy. He goes so fast!

Daddy makes me fly!

I'm sure there's a trick to getting into these drawers.

When Mommy's cooking, I want to be a part of the action.

My Buddy Caleb

Yesterday, we went to my buddy Caleb's house twice. We had a great time! I think Mommy was supposed to take care of us, but really she just let us play. Caleb has some great toys, and he has CATS, too! I love his cats. Here are some pictures of Caleb and me together.

I think we'll love computers someday! We would love them now, but our parents say they're not for little kids.

I didn't want to share Caleb's toy with him. I wanted to push the buttons all by myself. Mommy said that wasn't nice. I thought it would be pretty nice to do it myself!

Here we are playing at Caleb's coffee table. What a great play spot! We don't have one at my house.

Something tells me I'm going to get some sharing lessons soon.