Baby Chickens

Today, Mommy surprised me and told me that Ms. Jen and Ella were going to take us to the feed store to see the baby chickens. Here we are looking at them. They were so cute, and they talked to us! The chicks didn't feel like having their pictures taken, and neither did I. An added bonus was that we saw a family of goats-including a little baby goat-in the back of a pickup in the feed store parking lot. We had a nice walk to and from the feed store, and a nice visit with our friends. Thanks for the surprise, Mommy and Ms. Jen!

Faraway Little Buddies

If you're wondering how my little buddies are doing without me, you can check on look on the blog entries by Ava, Emma Claire, and Jamey today. Yesterday they celebrated Emma Claire's 2nd birthday and had a great time together. Happy Birthday, EC!

A Very Important Task

This is my favorite thing to do with my little buddies.  They all seem to understand that it's very important to throw mulch up the slide.  Isaac visited today, and he understood, too.  Here we are working on our task.  You can hear the neighbor's lawnmower in the background.

A Visit From Isaac

Today, we had a visit from Mommy's good friend, Ms. Kathy, and my good buddy, Isaac. One great thing about living here is that Isaac is just a car ride away instead of a plane ride away.

When Isaac came over, he brought me a Special Little Treat from Jamba Juice, and I gave him some birthday puzzles. It was a great trade!

We played in the playroom...

tried out my big boy bed...

and had fun swinging. It was a great time for us and the mommies, too. Thanks for the visit, little buddy! Next time we'll drive to see you!

Just Like Daddy

Which One?

Right hand...

or left hand...

or both?

From My Buddy, Meredith

My little buddy, Meredith, was born really early, so we're all happy that her little brother has been more patient. We're excited for him to arrive!

Remember When

Mommy was working on pictures on the computer today and came across this one from May of 2005. I was five months old. Remember how I fell asleep in creative positions all the time?

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Today after my nap, we went on a bike ride! It was such a great surprise. It was a little different than riding in our old town because there are no hills here. Our new town is completely flat, and I think Daddy misses the variety. But, it was still really fun. I got to ride in my trailer that Mommy and I found a year ago.

Ms. Jen needed some lemons from our tree, so we decided to take them to her on our ride. When we got there, we invited Ella to join us. You can see what she thought of our ride by clicking here.

I loved riding with a buddy! Last summer, I only had a couple of buddies who were old enough to ride with me, and we talked about taking a ride together but put it off. Now I know what we were missing!

Here we are, all snuggled in for our ride. We had such a great ride together!

After a ride with Ella, we stopped for some ice cream. Daddy is so good at surprises like that. I'm really glad he's done with his business trip.

We had a great Sunday afternoon!

Discovering the Yard

Hi, this is Jonathan's mom again! The first year in a house seems to be all about discovering what comes up in the yard. I thought our friends and family who are out of state might enjoy seeing what grows around here. We've been pleasantly surprised so far!

We have this pretty tree in our front yard that the bees love. It's done blooming now. A lot of the other houses in our neighborhood have this kind of tree, so the street is really pretty when they are all blooming.

Even with our "hard" freeze this year, the begonias survived and are blooming. I'm really happy about that! They were alive and blooming when we moved here before the freeze in January, and they are the border around most of our flower beds in the backyard.

Here are some more begonias coming up - surprise!

The flowers that Jeff's parents planted for us are going strong. They worked hard on our yard while they were visiting, and we really appreciate their help.

We also have ferns, some pink flowering bushes, and some redwood trees. The pink bushes are popular in the rest of the neighborhood, too. We love the redwoods!

Our lemon tree is simultaneously blooming and producing ripe lemons. It has been doing that the whole time we've lived here. I don't know when lemon season ends, but we're enjoying the sweet smell in the yard for as long as we can!

We also have some Japanese maple trees that we love. There are a few other trees that we're waiting to identify.

This is Jonathan's favorite part of the yard!

We are really thankful for all the things that are growing in our yard. We're enjoying the spring and seeing all the new life around us.

A Note from Mommy

Hi everyone,

Jeff is back safely, and we're all so glad to be back together. And, he loves the paint. :)

I wanted to let you know that Jonathan's CT scan is scheduled for Friday, April 6 (Good Friday.) The doctors want us to keep him up until 10 the night before and wake him up at 4 the next morning. Supposedly that will help the Chlorhydrate (sedative) work better. I called a children's hospital that specializes in this to see what they might do differently, and they use general anesthesia to make sure the kiddos don't wake up. The doctors at our imaging center want to avoid general anesthesia if possible. So, if you know of any reliable and safe methods for helping Jonathan to stay asleep during a CT scan, please leave a comment here. We're searching for suggestions!

Thanks, everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

A Good Idea

I think it's a good idea to spend a few minutes laying on my bed in the morning...even though I did my sleeping in my crib, not my bed. (By the way, my crib is called the "big white crib," and my bed is called my "beautiful bed" or my "new mattress," depending on my mood.)


Today, our new friends came over for a playdate. Ms. Amy brought Jared, Ms. Jen brought Ella, and Ms. Jetta brought Kirsi, Anneliese, and Helia. We played in the playroom for awhile, and then we went outside for a snack and more playtime. Mommy and I are so thankful to have friends to share our mornings and my toys. Thanks for coming over, new little buddies!

Thanks for letting me take your big activity box to my new house, Ava!

(Helia is wearing my socks and sweatshirt so that she doesn't get chilly.)

Silly Mommy

If you know Mommy very well, you know that as soon as Daddy's away on business, she starts painting our house. Well, Daddy's been away since Sunday morning, and she's been painting every time I have gone to bed since then! She's also been rearranging. Silly Mommy.

She has rearranged the family room...

and the living room.

She has painted the other pink room,

the upstairs hallway,

the upstairs guest bathroom,

and the downstairs hallway.

Daddy is coming home today, thank goodness. I wonder what he'll think about all the paint!

A Pillow in Bed

Last night, I got to sleep with the pillow from my big boy bed. If you look closely, you can see all the vehicles on my new sheets. Who knew that I had been missing out on something so soft for my whole life!


This little chair is one of the treasures that Great Grandma sent home with me yesterday. It's just my size. Thanks for the chair, Great Grandma!


A Good Day

Today, I had a good day. Here are some of the things that made it good:

  • *We visited Sarah (Mommy's cousin.) She shared her crackers with me.
  • *We visited Great Grandma, and she read The Poky Little Puppy book (above) and gave it to me to take home, along with some other treasures. She has lots of interesting things to discover in her house. Great Grandma shared crackers with me, too.
  • *When we got home, there were two helicopters and an airplane going in circles up in the sky!
  • *It rained, so we got to turn on the windshield wipers.
  • *I overheard Mommy inviting some little buddies over for Thursday morning.
  • *When Mommy and I went to Target, I got a Special Little Treat. You might call it a tiny cookie, but I call it a Special Little Treat. All these things made it a good day!
You might also want to know that I can count now. 1, 2, and 3 are a mystery to me. I switch their order all the time. But 3 through 14...well, I'm a champ. I like counting from 3-14.

Cute and Not-So-Cute

This summer, I'm having a first: some of my clothes from the previous summer fit me (but not all of them.) Here's an outfit from the previous summer from family friends, Lou & Lionel. They're Daddy's honorary aunt and uncle. Thanks, Lou & Lionel!

You might notice the unhappy look on my face. That's because I know that Mommy and Daddy are going to go to church and leave me in Sunday school. Usually, I love going to Sunday school. But lately, I'm really nervous if Mommy and Daddy are not right next to me. Mommy calls it separation anxiety. Whatever, Mommy, I just want to be with you all the time. Hold my hand on the stairs, let me follow you around, and definitely don't leave me at Sunday school!

My Big Boy Bed

My big boy bed is here! First it was Mommy's, then Uncle Todd's, and then Aunt Amanda's. Now I get to sleep on it. Even though it's really old, it's going to work great for me. Uncle Todd and Daddy went to get it from Grandpa's house this morning, and the brought it to our house in Uncle Todd's truck.

Here they are taking it up to my room. (This is the bottom of the bed.)

First, I wanted to try it out with Daddy. You can't tell, but the comforter from Grandpa and Grandma and the sheets from Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne are under us.

Next, I wanted to try my new bed with Uncle Todd. I can be just like him!

This was the best part: I got to ride in Uncle Todd's truck so that we could go get our car. What a great day!

Thanks, everybody, for helping with my bed. I'll let you know when I start sleeping in it, and how that goes. My crib is still in my room...I just love my crib, but the big boy bed is very tempting.