Happy Halloween!

I had a great time tonight trick-or treating (for the first time!) and handing out gifts to kids. This is not the best picture of me as a clown-just like the clown in The Little Engine that Could-but our pictures keep flipping sideways, and this one, at least, is right-side-up. For now, I'm exhausted and getting some rest, and Jack is being baked in the oven to become pies and other yummy things. I'll post more about Halloween soon!

Halloween's Memory Lane

My first Halloween

My second Halloween


There was an earthquake tonight, and we're disappointed to say we didn't even feel it. Mommy says earthquakes are cool as long as no one gets hurt. Daddy and I wouldn't know...we haven't felt one yet.

This Year's Jack

3rd Time's a Charm

You might remember the train cupcake molds Mommy found for my birthday coming up. It took her three tries, but she got the cake to bake right and come out of the molds. I can't wait until my birthday so that I can see them all frosted!

Today's Quote

"Peas are for peacocks and people."

My Wish List

My birthday and Christmas are coming up, and some very kind people have been asking about my wish list in the past couple of days. That's so nice! Mommy put my wish list up in the top-right hand corner of my blog so anyone can see it. You may want to know that I haven't yet grasped the idea of asking for any gift for any holiday-I'm pretty content with what I have. I am excited about my birthday, though, so that I can have "special treats" to eat and sing the birthday song!

So Lightning McQueen Can See

Mommy and Daddy brought this plate back from the City for me.

Today's Quote

"When Daddy was a little boy, he used to play the trumpet at football games."

A Little Time Apart

On Friday, Mommy and Daddy and I spent some time apart. My nearby grandma took care of me while Mommy and Daddy spent the night in the City. (This was my second night away from my parents in my life. The last time was with my faraway grandma. Special thanks to both grandmas for this special treat!) Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Daddy and Mommy went to the Apple store on the night of the launch of something...I didn't really understand what. But it was special to Daddy.

Mommy and Daddy brought back some pictures for me.

This one is of three excavators working together.

This is of the firefighters checking the apparatus at Fire Station #1.

Here are Mommy and Daddy enjoying some time in a big square by a big heart.

Like I said, it's a big heart!

While I was at Grandma's, my cars went lots of places.

Here they are going to WinCo.

And here they are going to Ella's birthday party.

When I got home, they parked in the garage.

We all had a nice time apart, but we were thankful to be back together again. Thanks, Grandma, for taking care of me!

Mommy's Wallet Is Back!

We dropped it on the side of the road last night and didn't know it, but God took care of it for us, and Daddy went to get it for us this morning. Thank you, God, for taking care of Mommy's wallet!

Mommy's Wallet Is Missing

Tonight, we had the best time. We took the stroller downtown and ate pasta while Daddy manned a booth at a tiny, small-town festival. We saw lots of old cars and stopped at the coffee shop for a special treat on the way home. Mommy left the coffee shop with her wallet, but when we got home, her wallet was not in the stroller. We drove back downtown but could not find her wallet. I don't understand where the wallet is, but Mommy says we need to pray that someone will help us find it. Will you pray, too?

Today's Quote

"Hot air balloons and hot food are hot, but Hot Wheels are not hot."

These Cars Are Going to the Pumpkin Patch

A Wake-Up Surprise

Today, I got up from my nap a little bit early so Mommy and I could walk to the park. Look who we found there! What a great surprise!

Fun with Pumpkins

Fun with Paul

On Thursday, Mommy and I drove to see my buddy Paul and meet his baby brother, Levi. Mommy got to visit with Ms. Sarah while I played with Paul, who is four and a half. Paul can do lots of big-boy things, including play with tiny Legos. Someday when I'm four, I can do that, too.

Posing for a picture.

Paul cracks me up.

Paul and I built tunnels for cars together.

More building!

Oh yeah, and here's Levi. He's cute, huh?

Paul and I really didn't pay much attention to Levi, but Mommy got to hold him. Thanks for a great visit, Paul, Levi, Ms. Sarah, and Mr. Todd!


"Jonathan, will you please go to the bathroom and get a small piece of toilet paper so that I can help you wipe your nose?"


If you like Legos, you'll love these!

SHHH...A Secret from Mommy

Hi all,

I made this ABC album for Jonathan-I'll probably give it to him for his birthday-and I thought you might enjoy it. Click on a picture to see a close-up. It's a walk through his first three years with some of our favorite pictures. It's probably the easiest album I've ever put together for our family!

I Learned It at BSF

How I Sleep

This is a picture of how I sleep these days. (I don't mean that my mouth is always open-that's just from my nose being stuffy.) I always like my bunny (the one Aunt Connie gave me when I was a baby,) Bluebird, and Boz to sleep on my pillow. When I get up, I tell Mommy and Daddy that Bluebird had a good nap.

Sophia and Antonia

On Sunday, our friends from the City paid us a visit, and I got to play with Sophia and Antonia, age 3 and 5. (You are just now hearing about it because Mommy and I have been feeling yucky since yesterday.) We're thankful that our friends are just a short drive away so that we can see them every few months. The mommies and daddies have known each other since grad school when there were no kids and life was not very interesting. Since Antonia is only five months older than me, we enjoyed doing a lot of the same things.

Here we are spinning the letters on this box that used to live at Ava's house...

and taking a ride in it.

Now we are burying Mr. Charlie in my stuffed animals.

I think he's done now.

Now it's Antonia's turn to be buried. Did you notice that she has glasses like mine? And they're just as cute.

Here are all three of us playing in my sandbox...

which is a very fun thing to share! Thanks for a fun day of playing, Sophia and Antonia!