This nap was not so great. I had a hard time falling asleep. I tossed and turned until I found a comfy position. This is where I ended up. Posted by Hello

Here I am, just hanging out at the end of a great nap, waiting for Mom to come feed me. She thought I looked cute and had to take my picture. Posted by Hello

I'm spending a lot of time trying to roll over lately. I only get it right every once in awhile. It's hard work! Posted by Hello

Here I am playing a new game that Mommy and Daddy are teaching me. It goes like this: I hide, and when I come out, someone says, "Boo!" It cracks me up. Posted by Hello

Oops, I got caught! I'm still trying to fit more fingers in my mouth. Posted by Hello

The day I rolled over!

Well, I finally did it! I rolled from my back to my tummy. I did it secretly in my crib during nap time, so nobody saw me do it. (Mommy had been wondering why I didn't feel like sleeping. I was too busy to sleep!) The trouble is, now I can't remember how to roll from my tummy to my back, even though that's easier, so I stranded myself and had to cry so Mommy would come rescue me.

Look at this great gift from Aunt Laura and Uncle Jake. It's a big, squishy football. I spent a lot of fun time trying to put it in my mouth. Posted by Hello

There's one more picture from my big trip that I wanted to share. Here I am with Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Laura and Uncle Jake. They drove a long way to see me! Uncle Jake doesn't look very excited, but don't let him fool you. He knows lots of great songs, and he even sang some to me in the car. Posted by Hello

Here I am, home with my toys and my mommy and daddy. I'm so glad to be home, but sad because I don't have all those fun people to play with anymore. Maybe they will come visit me here! Posted by Hello

Here I am, kicking around in the airport between our two plane rides home. Remember how the poopy diaper worked so well to get Mommy and Daddy to walk me around on the plane? Well, I saved up all week so that I could make FOUR poopy diapers on the big plane ride home. It was worth the effort! I feel much better now. Posted by Hello

Grandpa likes to nibble on my ear. Does he think he can get milk out of my ear? I might be wrong, but I don't think that's where milk comes from. Posted by Hello

Grandma is showing me the tinkly things. I want to put them in my mouth! Posted by Hello

Here I am, playing with my uncle Todd. Do you think I will grow to be as big as him someday? Posted by Hello

This is my mommy. She is teaching me to stand up like a big boy. It's so fun! Posted by Hello

Here I am with my grandma. She loves to pay attention to me. Posted by Hello

All this hiking wore me out. It was a great chance to do something I don't get to do much now that I am a big boy: take a nap in Daddy's arms. Posted by Hello

Here we are all together! When Mommy and Daddy were falling in love, they liked to go see waterfalls together. Now they're taking me with them! Posted by Hello

Here I am with Mommy, enjoying a waterfall that God made. Daddy took my hat off so you could see my smile in the picture. Posted by Hello

Um, Daddy? Mommy? I think you forgot something. You took off the carrier, but you forgot to take out the baby. Hello? Anyone out there? Posted by Hello

Here I am with my two favorite people, Mommy and Daddy. I love hanging out with them! Posted by Hello

Dad is such a great hiker, and I love exploring the outdoors with him! Posted by Hello

Here I am, staying snuggly while I hike with my Dad. Thanks to my buddy, Sam, for giving me something warm to wear! Posted by Hello

I have a new big buddy whose name is Paul. He's about the same age as my other buddy, Sam. Paul likes to kiss me even more than Sam does. Posted by Hello

Here I am with Isaac, taking a snooze. Our mommies took us on stroller rides, and we got sleepy! Posted by Hello

This is my new little buddy, Isaac. He three months younger than me. Our mommies say that we will be in the same grade in school. That seems like a long way away! Posted by Hello

Here I am with Great Grandpa. He wanted to hold me, but I just wanted to wiggle around. He did a good job hanging onto me! Posted by Hello