Another One from Mommy: 38 Weeks

I made it to the midwife yet again! At my last appointment, she made a comment to the effect of, "if you even make it to next week..." The midwife I saw this week said, "I think you'll have the baby this week." So, I am officially one of those people who may be given false hope of the baby coming a bit early, and then feel late and impatient by the due date. But, with how nervous I was about preterm labor for awhile, I'm just thankful for how far we've made it and excited to meet this baby whenever he/she comes.

The midwife I saw last week always has some comment about the large/long size of the baby.  The midwife I saw this week thinks we'll have an average-sized, average-length baby.  (That sounds nice, yes?)  She says I am now 3 cm dilated, still 80% effaced, and the baby is at a -1 station.  Everything looks fine, though-good blood pressure, etc., for me, and good heart rate for the baby.  We're excited about our little miracle.

Jonathan was with my mom this morning, and when I came to get him, she had this gift for me:
Two dozen infant-size chinese prefold diapers!  Yay!  We didn't start cloth with Jonathan until almost 6 mos., so I only had standard size diapers for him (which took him from 6 mos. to potty training.  Amazing.)  I had hoped to start cloth sooner with this baby (although not from day one!) and now I can.

Here's a dozen before they're washed.  They get quilty (is that a word?) and soft after you wash them a few times.  I'll post the "after" picture when I have it.

Thank you so much for following our story and praying for our baby's safe arrival.  It means more than you know!  Now I'm off to play Legos with Jonathan...

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Allison Bellomy said...

3 cm, 80 % effaced?!?! you are really close, you might beat me! :) I go on Wednesday so we will see what I have to report. Have you been feeling a lot of contractions? you look great and I hope you are feeling well. so excited to see pictures of your new addition!!