My mom made just one New Year's resolution for 2009.  She resolved to have a pen (or some writing instrument) or scissors in my hands every single day.  For some kids, this happens without trying, but since I'd rather build with teensy-tinsy Legos or play with vehicles, it takes some effort with me.  And even though I know my letters and the sounds they make, and I like to talk about them all the time, I don't care much about writing them.

Well, it's February, and my mom has not had scissors or a pen in my hand every day.  Or even close.  Thank goodness I won't be old enough for kindergarten until fall of 2010!  So, there's still time for her to work on it.  I had a resolution of my own this year, and I have kept it:  to play with Legos every day.  

Despite the Lego fun, my mom has decided to give her resolution another try.  So, here I am with scissors.  She got some special "lefty" scissors for me, and I think they're great fun.  So far she has just let me have my own experiences with them instead of making me cut specific shapes or lines.

You'll notice that I cut the paper into little pieces, and also that I'm holding the scissors upside-down.  My mom also liked to hold her scissors that way at first, and she remembers arguing with her kindergarten teacher and her own mom about how to hold scissors.  So, she's being a softy and hasn't made me change my ways yet.

And here I am tracing over the letters on a placemat we got at Target in the dollar section.  We love the dollar section!  I'm doing pretty well for someone who doesn't care about writing.

And here are the upper-case letters.

Much to Mommy's surprise, all that work with teensy-tinsy Legos has helped me with all my fine-motor skills, not just building.  I'm doing much better at getting the pen to go where I want it to.  I still don't care about drawing and writing, but I'm getting better at it, despite myself.  Yay for Legos!  Now if I can learn to snap and zip my own jeans, I can really make Mommy happy...but I'd rather go build something.


The VM Family said...

My preschool homework involved cutting for several months in a row. That's how I got good at it. Tell your mom we cut a lot of pictures out of magazines-- usually with some sort of theme (purple things, food things, camping things, etc.)and glued them to make collages.

We have more ideas if you want them! :)

Love, Ella

Grandma H said...

I'm so glad you are having some scissor fun. Just make sure you don't get confused and think they are for your clothes like Uncle Todd when he cut the tummy out of his best shirt. (He was a little younger than you, though.)
Gma H

Jennie said...

Jonathan - My babysitter (not my creatively-challenged mommy) taught me how to make paper caterpillars with my scissors and construction paper. That activity has encouraged me to cut "straight" lines. Have you made one? You should try it. It's very fun and you can make them crawl across the floor.
Love, Nathan