Happy Four Years...Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be our fourth anniversary of blogging.  Daddy introduced our family to the idea before we really knew anything about blogs, and we've really enjoyed blogging and sharing my life with family and friends.  Since I was born far away from almost everyone I was related to, it was a great way to help them get to know me while I grew.

We've done so much sharing that we've almost filled this whole blog.  That's probably because my mom takes so many pictures, don't you think?  We thought that our fourth anniversary would be a good time to start a new blog, so that's what we're going to do.  I'm going to hand over the blogging responsibilities to my mom, so this new blog will not only be about me.  It will be about our whole family.  I decided I needed a little more privacy since I'm getting so big, and I thought you'd also like to know all about my new brother or sister.  We all hope you like our new blog!

My mom and dad lost a lot of sleep last night due to lots of contractions, but the baby is still not here.  We're getting a little anxious.  The baby has decided to take the day off from contractions, so it may be awhile.

Anyway, this is where you can find us first thing in the morning:  A Scrapbook of Sorts, and the address is http://scrapbookofsorts.blogspot.com/.  We hope you'll visit us there.  Please feel free to become a "follower" and leave us a comment anytime.  Thanks for being a part of our bloggy world!

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The VM Family said...

Happy Anniversary!

And LOVE the new blog title...